Mercedes G Wagon For Sale in Namibia

Mercedes G Wagon For Sale in Namibia

What is Mercedes G Wagon?

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, sometimes colloquially called the G-Wagen (as an abbreviation of Geländewagen) is a four-wheel drive automobile manufactured by Magna Steyr (formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch) in Austria and sold by Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes G Wagon For Sale in Namibia

Brand new and used Mercedes-Benz G Class for sale in Namibia. Mercedes-Benz G Class dealers, garages, prices, values & deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do G-Wagons usually cost?

TrueCar has 267 new Mercedes-Benz G-Class models for sale nationwide, including a Mercedes-Benz G-Class G 550 and a Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG G 63. Prices for a new Mercedes-Benz G-Class currently range from $149,170 to $552,000.

What is the price of G-Wagon cheapest model?

Mercedes-Benz G-Class price in New Delhi start at Rs. 2.55 Cr. The lowest price model is Mercedes-Benz G-Class 400d Adventure Edition and the most priced model of Mercedes-Benz G-Class 400d Adventure Edition priced at Rs. 2.55 Cr.

How much is G-Wagon in UAE?

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 2023 is a 5 Seater SUV available between a price range of AED 440,000 – 600,000 in the UAE. It is available in 17 colors, 2 variants, 1 engine, and 1 transmissions option: Automatic in the UAE.

How much is the newest G-Wagon?

  • Models. G 550 SUV. $139,900 Disclaimer* MSRP. G 550 SUV.
  • AMG. AMG G 63 SUV. $179,000 Disclaimer* MSRP. AMG G 63 SUV.

Is G-Wagon a luxury car?

Yes, the 2023 G-Class is a good luxury large SUV.

Which is the best model of G-Wagon?

Therefore, the best G-Wagon to buy is the one that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for the ultimate off-road companion, the 4×4 Squared model could well be the best G-Class for you, while those who are looking for extra performance might be better suited to the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4 Squared.

Is the G-Wagon a 7 seater?

Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a 5 seater car, Which is priced at Rs 2.55 Cr. Check more 5 seater SUV options on CarDekho.

Why is the G-Wagon so expensive?

The G-Class SUV has a full-time four-wheel drive, a big and powerful V8, and can be equipped with the latest technology and the highest-quality leather and materials. They are also built on a strong frame that gives them incredible off-road prowess and strength.

Is Mercedes G Wagon a luxury car?

When it comes to luxury, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t mess around. And look no further for evidence of this than the G-Wagon. The G-Wagon has been hand built in Austria since 1979. The leather inside these cars is hand-tooled, and even some of the V-8 engines in AMG models are assembled by hand.

What is the price of top range G-Wagon?

Mercedes-Benz G Class Price Guide

  • amg(2013 – 2023) £32,000 – £229,995Average £147,592. …
  • amg line(2019 – 2023) £93,999 – £146,975Average £127,593. …
  • colour edition(2017 – 2017) £77,950 – £77,950Average £77,950. …
  • edition(2016 – 2017) £64,950 – £84,995Average £74,981. …
  • edition 1(2018 – 2018)
  • magno edition(2022 – 2023)