Military Science (Nautical – Electronics)Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Military School – Osona Base

Military Science (Nautical – Electronics)Bachelor of Science (Honours) at Military School – Osona Base

What is Nautical – Electronics?

Marine electronics refers to electronics devices designed and classed for use in the marine environment on board ships and yachts where even a small amount of salt water can destroy some electronics devices. Therefore, the majority of these types of devices are either water resistant or waterproof.


Technology can greatly improve the efficiency of maritime operations. Currently, shipping goods from a manufacturer to a consumer involves many stakeholders: transporters, ports, customs, etc. Much of the physical paperwork is handed over from one party to the next.

Frequently Asked Questions

What electronics do you need on offshore boat?

Offshore, the VHF is the only device other than an emergency beacon that can reliably summon help, and it is directly connected to those personnel equipped to assist boaters in emergencies. All VHFs must, by law, be DSC-enabled; many also come with built-in GPS and often built-in AIS receivers.

Why maritime communication is important?

Communication plays a major role in the maritime industry, whether it be between crew members, officers or between two ships. Ambiguity and confusion are the primary causes of accidents and untoward incidents that happen onboard ships and other vessels.

How technology is changing the maritime industry?

It’s integrated recruitment and management at its best and it will drive efficiency, lower costs, reduce stress levels, and make filling seafarer jobs, managing crew and meeting crew change over dates easier.

What is marine communication?

Marine communication involves ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication. Over the years, the ways in which seamen communicate has changed drastically. Back in the day, semaphores and flags were a primary form of communication for ships out at sea.

What electronics are used in the military?

Most computers used by the military are reinforced civilian computers, and the software systems of both are compatible. Radar technology is developing in the direction of entirely solid-state components. General Electric has already successfully developed the TPS-59 L-band, solid-state, phased-array, 3D radar.

What is the job description of a electronic technician?

The Electronic Technician will modify, repair, and improve existing electronic products, equipment, and controls and will assist in developing new or updated electronic systems, components, or products.

What do you call a person who repairs electronics?

Electronics technicians help design, develop, test, manufacture, install, and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and computers.

What is a military grade device?

A rugged embedded computer, defense grade tablet, and other defense grade handheld or portable device must: Operate reliably over widely varying temperatures from desert to arctic environments. Resist shocks, drops, impacts, and prolonged vibration.

What does an electronics technician do in the Navy?

Electronics Technicians (ET) are trained in computer, aerospace and electrical engineering to maintain combat readiness across a wide variety of complex ship and aircraft systems. As an ET, your responsibilities may include: Detecting enemy planes and ships, and determining target distance.

What skills do you need to be an electronics technician?

  • Enjoy mathematical and technical activities.
  • Good hand-eye coordination.
  • Good eyesight (may be corrected) and normal colour vision.
  • Aptitude for mechanics and electronics.
  • Able to do precise and detailed work.

Where do most electronics technicians work?

They are employed by electrical utilities, communications companies, manufacturers of electrical equipment, consulting firms, a wide range of manufacturing, processing and transportation industries, and the federal and provincial governments.

What are electronic technologies?

Electronic and information technology includes computer hardware and software, operating systems, web-based information and applications, telephones and other telecommunications products, video equipment and multimedia products, information kiosks, and office products such as photocopiers and fax machines.

Is military grade a real thing?

The term “military grade” when not referring to a mil spec is 100 percent a marketing term used interchangeably with words like strong, tough, intense and high-quality. It links their product with some of the highest-rated products in the world.

Why you should learn electronics?

Electrical and electronic engineers work at the forefront of practical technology, improving the devices and systems we use every day. From solar-energy systems to mobile phones, we innovate to meet society’s communication, tech and energy needs.

How can I become an electronic expert?

First get knowledge of some basic circuit components like resistors ,capacitors ,inductors, diodes and transistors. Then study some basic laws like kcl and kvl and then also circuit solving techniques and do circuit analysis. Study from some good book.