Ministry Of Environment And Tourism License Application In Namibia

Ministry Of Environment And Tourism License Application In Namibia

What is Environment And Tourism License Application?

This type of license allows a company to organize outbound trips. This visa is helpful for businesses to work inside as well as outside the country in travel and tourism.

Ministry Of Environment And Tourism License Application In Namibia


  • Name of company
  • Registered address
    Tel no, Fax nr
  • Name and rank of applicant:
  • Nature and purpose of the recording?
    Is it a documentary or commercial recording?
  • Parks for which applying:
  • Special requests and/or assistance required:
  • I, the undersigned undertake as representative of the company or applicant,
    hereby undertake to abide by all laws, regulations and conditions as stipulated by
    the Ministry.
    Applicant. Date:
    Approved / Not Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Ministry of Environment and Tourism do?

The mission of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism is to promote biodiversity conservation in the Namibian environment through the sustainable utilization of natural resources and tourism development for the maximum social and economic benefit of its citizens.

Who is the Minister of Environment and Tourism in Namibia 2021?

Ministry of Environment and Tourism Namibia – Hon. Minister Pohamba Penomwenyo Shifeta.

Who is the Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism in Namibia?

Our Newly appointed Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism Bernadette Jagger says she is inspired, fired up and ready to take up her newest challenge.

Who is the executive director of Ministry of Environment and Tourism?

Ministry of Environment and Tourism Namibia – Executive Director Mr. Teofilus Nghitila.

Who appoints the prime minister of Namibia?

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia is the leader of the Government of Namibia. The prime minister is appointed by the President of Namibia and co-ordinates the work of the Cabinet. They also advise and assist the president in the execution of the functions of government.

What is the easiest company to start?

The easiest business to start is a service business, especially for a beginner. A service business is any kind of business where you sell services. In other words, you sell your skill, labor or expertise — instead of products or goods.

What language is spoken in Namibia?


Is Namibia a rich or poor country?

Overview. Namibia is a higher-middle-income country with an estimated annual GDP per capita of US$5,828 but has extreme inequalities in income distribution and standard of living.

What percentage of Namibians speak German?

Since Namibia was colonized by the Germans, they were able to instill in the natives of Namibia their culture, tradition and language. The colonial rule of Germany influenced the Namibians greatly to the point of influencing them to speak German. Around 32 percent of the population speaks it.

How do you say hello in Namibia?

Obviously the first thing you need to know in Namibia is saying hello. In Afrikaans, it’s a plain hallo (huh-low). The Germans say guten tag (gut-ten taahg) and in Oshiwambo its Wa lalapo, which means good morning. You can also use the slang term Howzit – which is a combination of hello and how are you all in one.

Who is the minister of education in Namibia 2021?

WINDHOEK – Seasoned diplomat and current Minister of Presidential Affairs Martin Andjaba has been appointed as acting Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, State House announced yesterday.

Who is the permanent secretary of education in Namibia?

Education ministry permanent secretary Sanet Steenkamp today announced that teachers will be returning to work on Tuesday next week (5 May).