Mobilehomes For Sale in Namibia

Mobilehomes For Sale in Namibia

What is Mobile Home?

A mobile home is a prefabricated structure, built in a factory on a permanently attached chassis before being transported to site. 

Mobilehomes For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a house cost in Namibia?

The national weighted average house price is now recorded at N$1 176 882 from N$1 038 577 in March 2020. Admittedly, the low interest rate environment has provided a considerable financial relief to households during these challenging times, particularly with regard to debt servicing.

Can a foreigner own a house in Namibia?

Foreigners purchasing property in Namibia

Foreigners are free to purchase property in Namibia. The only restriction is on agricultural land where they may only own up to 49% of the property.

How can I get permanent residency in Namibia?

Foreigners can gain permanent residency in Namibia after ten years of residence. The Namibia residence by investment program provides a five-year residence permit, which is renewable before the permit expires. After renewal for an additional five years, foreigners can apply for permanent residency.

Can you buy Namibian citizenship?

Individuals, such as successful investors and humanitarians, may acquire Namibian citizenship if they have contributed significantly to the country’s economic growth or provided distinguished service to the state.

Can you immigrate to Namibia?

You need the following documentation to apply for Immigration to Namibia and one of it’s visas or long-term permits: A completed Namibia visa or permit application form. A valid passport with three blank pages. Ensure that you still have six months left on your passport.

How do I become a Namibian citizen?

Citizenship can be obtained in Namibia after ten years of legal status. Currently you can obtain citizenship through naturalization, permanent residence status for ten years and through marriage/certificate of identity status or by descent.

Is Namibia a good place to live?

Safety. Namibia is generally a very safe country, especially compared to neighboring South Africa. Still, the high rate of poverty and unemployment leads to a fair amount of opportunistic crime. The most common types of crimes are pickpocketing, purse-snatching, and vehicle theft and break-ins.

How do I get a work permit in Namibia?

Foreign nationals will need to provide the following documents during the work permit application process:

  1. A signed and completed application form.
  2. A passport that’s valid for at least three months beyond the projected expiration of the work permit.
  3. Two passport photographs.
  4. A letter from the employing company in Namibia.

Is it easy to get a work permit in Namibia?

The processing time for a short-term work permit is approximately 14 working days plus three days to endorse the visa in the passport. The processing time for a long-term Namibian permit is approximately three to four months. It’s valid for one to two years, depending on your employment contract.

Where is the best place to live in Namibia?

Best cities to live in Namibia

  • Windhoek. Liveability. $716. 431K.
  • Rehoboth. Liveability. $686. 28.8K.
  • Walvis Bay. Liveability. $726. 85K.
  • Swakopmund. Liveability. $769. 34.3K.
  • Tsumeb. Liveability. $731. 19.3K.
  • Otjiwarongo. Liveability. $709. 28.2K.
  • Gobabis. Liveability. $713. 19.1K.
  • Oshikango. Liveability. 12.4K.