About Monitronic Success College

About Monitronic Success College

Monitronic Success College courses equips the students with the required knowledge and skills needed in today’s market and help them to advance in their own particular field of expertise.

The college was established to meet the ever growing need for tertiary education in the SADC region. The annual output from the country’s secondary schools has increased to over (10 million) students. However, less than two percent (2%) of school leavers are enrolled into the major public institutions. Some people die in cues to get a university education. The rest are left to compete for places in Teacher’s colleges, Vocational Training Centres and private unqualified college. MBS will grow to alleviate the crisis and offer possible solutions.

Institutional Vision

Monitronic Success College is developing its capacity, resources and teaching/learning modes to attain international standards and become the first choice of students graduating from Namibian Secondary Schools. The college is partnering with the Public and Private sectors to develop job-ready graduates.

Institutional Mission

Monitronic Success College is a privately owned Institute of Higher Learning striving to provide quality education to Namibians , SADC and International students of different academic backgrounds without regards to race, creed, color, sex, age, origin or physical abilities, aiming to produce graduates that are equipped with knowledge and skills that are relevant to various sectors of the economy of the Republic of Namibia in line with the national goals of vision 2030 and other countries worldwide. The objective are in line with Namibia’s national needs and goals expressed in the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme (ETSIP) within the context of Vision 2030 with themes of education for knowledge economy, improving labour markets with a society free from HIV and AIDS.

Benefits of Studying at MSC

  • Professional
  • Recognised
  • Quality Assured
  • Flexible
  • Supportive
  • Informed