Monitronic Success College Office Administration Course

Monitronic Success College Office Administration Programme

Office Administration

Students may be admitted to the Certificate in Office Administration from the Namibian Training Authority (NTA) if they hold a Grade 10 Certificate with a minimum of 20 points and above, including English and Maths with a minimum symbol of E Junior Certificatelevel as stipulated in the admission requirements policy of Monitronic Success College.

Mature age students will be considered provided they have 2 years work experience, meet the requirements and pass (with 50%) the mature age entrance test (include but not limited to mathematics, English, etc.) of the Monitronic Success College.

Level 1 Office Administration Unit Standards

Level 1 ID 90 Follow workplace safety procedures.pdf

Level 1 ID 91 Communicate effectively with colleagues and cliets.pdf

Level 1 ID 92 Follow effective work practice in an office …pdf

Level 1 ID 93 Demonstrate basic word processing skills.pdf

Level 1 ID 94 Handle office mail.pdf

Level 1 ID 95 File and retrieve documents.pdf

Level 1 ID 96 Apply knowledge of enterprise to respond to basic.pdf

Level 1 ID 97 Operate office equipment.pdf

Level 1 ID 98 Participate in a team.pdf

Level 2 Office Administration Unit Standards 

Level 2 ID 100 Maintain a reception area in an office environment.pdf

Level 2 ID 101 Communicate ideas and information.pdf

Level 2 ID 102 Demonstrate good customer relations.pdf

Level 2 ID 103 Process customer feedback.pdf

Level 2 ID 104 Demonstrate advanced word processing skills.pdf

Level 2 ID 105 Organise courier and bulk mailing arrangements.pdf

Level 2 ID 106 Access and secure records.pdf

Level 2 ID 107 Manage a diary.pdf

Level 2 ID 108 Receive and pass on messages in an office environment.pdf

Level 2 ID 109 Maintain office equipment.pdf

Level 2 ID 110 Respond to enquiries.pdf

Level 2 ID 111 Complete routine financial documents.pdf

Level 2 ID 112 Maintain office records on a database programme.pdf

Level 2 ID 99 Deliver a service to customers.pdf