Nail Preparation at Shadonai Beauty School

Nail Preparation at Shadonai Beauty School

What is Nail Preparation?

The Nail Prep – also known as Nail Dehydrator – is a Degreasing Liquid that is used during Nails Extension to gently Dehydrate the Natural Nail Surface, before proceeding with the Application of the Nail Primer.


With any nail products on natural nails or extensions enhancements, whether it is nail polish or a full set of tips, the nail preparation is the most important. Proper nail preparation ensures that the products don’t lift and last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nail prep for acrylic nails?

Apply nail prep to the natural nail surface in a ‘scrubbing’ motion. Prep will temporarily remove moisture and some of the oils from the nail plate layers. Temporary dehydration of the nail plate layers will last for up to 30 minutes.

What is prep and wipe?

Gellux prep + wipe is a dual purpose antiseptic cleanser, an essential product for all Gellux nail treatments. This cleanser not only sanitises the nail plate before gel application but can also be used to wipe away any UV gel residue once you have finished the treatment. Dual-purpose.

What is nail prep dehydrator and primer?

The Nail Prep – also known as Nail Dehydrator – is a Degreasing Liquid that is used during Nails Extension to gently Dehydrate the Natural Nail Surface, before proceeding with the Application of the Nail Primer.

How do you prepare your nail tips?

Remove excess dust with Plush Brush. Clean and dehydrate the nail plate using a Nail Wipe saturated with Nailpure Plus. Press and rub into the natural nail, side walls, and under the free edge to remove oil, moisture, and contaminants. Allow the natural nail to become chalky white.

What’s another name for acrylic monomer?

Methacrylate, is an acrylic monomer that comes from methacrylic acid.

How important it is to completely prepare the nails prior to cleaning?

With primerless acrylic systems, nail prep is especially important because primer is not being used to clean, dehydrate and prep the nails before application. Therefore, the nail technician must be sure to use other prep products to insure a sanitary, adhesive bond.

Can you use acetone instead of nail prep?

Ensure the nail polish brush is thoroughly cleaned, you can use acetone to clean the brush. Alternatively, if you have time to plan ahead you can mix the two ingredients in an empty nail polish bottle. I recommend using 1 part acetone and 1 part alcohol.

Is primer and dehydrator the same thing?

Dehydrator would go on first and remove the oils, bonder would be used second to raise the PH level of the natural nail, and primer would be used third to help attach the enhancement to the nail.

Is primer and bonder the same?

Often the term “bonder” is applied to gel systems, and “primer” is for acrylic, but they both have a similar function in that they bind to the keratin in the nail bed to create a stronger bond for the enhancement product.

Does nail prep go first or Xtrabond?

NAIL PREP dehydrates natural nails and removes natural oils, increasing adhesion and duration for nail polishes, acrylic and gel systems. Apply before XTRABOND (primer). XTRABOND is a no-burn, acid-free primer that provides better adhesion and duration for nail polishes, acrylic and gel systems.

How should I prepare my nails before an acrylic appointment?

If you nails are brittle or weak then you need to get them back to optimal health before going near acrylics. Ama Quashie, session manicurist and founder of AMA the salon, suggests jojoba oil as a natural strengthener.

Do you need a UV light for acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are cured by air and gel nails have to be placed under a UV light.

Can I use acetone to prep for gel nails?

“You don’t have to worry about your nails popping off or lifting because the gel tips are quite sturdy. Clients should avoid using rubbing alcohol and/or acetone, which might weaken the gel tip, Seney advises.

Can you use acetone to wipe gel nails?

Can You use Acetone to Remove Sticky Residue From Gel Nails. You should never use any acetone or acetone-based polish remover to wipe away the sticky layer. If you do so you would greatly weaken your gel nails.

What can I use instead of finishing wipe?

In the absence of a gel cleaner, isopropyl alcohol is an acceptable substitute. It’s also quite effective. Alternatively, you can soak lint-free cotton pads in alcohol and use them as wipes.