Namib Poultry Industries

Namib Poultry Industries

About the Namib Poultry Industries

About Namib Poultry Industry

Namib Poultry Industry’s vision is to be the leading supplier of poultry products in Namibia and to create exceptional and sustainable prosperity for all its stakeholders.

Namib Poultry Industry produces on average 1,850 tons of poultry products per month, enabling the company to significantly contribute to local value addition in line with vision 2030 of the Namibian Government as well as the domestic food security of the country.

The Namib Poultry Industry’s poultry project created in excess of 600 full-time employment opportunities for Namibians, contributing indirectly to an estimated 2,000 persons in households.

Namib Poultry Industry also aims to not only to fully meet the Namibian consumer’s demand and appetite for both Fresh and Frozen chicken meat, but also to honour the company’s mission of consistently producing poultry products of outstanding quality at the lowest possible cost in Namibia and to be the first choice supplier of such poultry products in the country. Simply, because you deserve better.

Namib Poultry Brands

RealGood Chicken

RealGood is a quality, affordable and healthy Namibian protein. It proudly brings friends and families together, stimulating local businesses and uplifting communities.

NAM Chicken

A first for Namibia, NAM Chicken defines fresh. Until recently, most of Namibia’s fresh chicken was imported, and even when advertised as “fresh” it took a number of days to get to families’ tables. NAM Chicken is different, because it is farmed right here, in Namibia. The time it takes for the chicken to get to consumers is shorter. So when we say it’s fresh, be assured, it’s truly fresh.

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