Namibia Bachelor Degree Award

Namibia Qualifications Authority NQA Bachelor Degree Award

Characteristics and purpose

A Bachelor’s degree represent a systematic, well-rounded and coherent introduction to the broad knowledge, ideas, principles, concepts, chief research methods and problem-solving techniques of a recognised major subject (or subjects, in the case of a double degree or a double major).

It generally involves at least one sequential study programme in which content is progressively developed to the point where a candidate is prepared for postgraduate study and supervised research.  It prepares a candidate for advanced study as well as directed research and scholarship in the major subject(s) of the degree.A qualification carrying the name Bachelor must be taught mainly by people engaged in research.

The qualification must require:

  • an emphasis to the general principles, concepts, chief research methods, problem-solving techniques and basic knowledge of an area(s) of learning
  • development and use of ability in self-directed work and learning
  • the use of skills needed to acquire, understand and assess information from a range of sources
  • intellectual independence, critical thinking and analytical rigor, and
  • advanced communication and collaborative skills.

A lower qualification may not be awarded for early exit from a Bachelor degree programme except where exit represents the attainment of another qualification.

Level of certification

Bachelor Degrees will be awarded at Level 7.

Qualification size

A minimum of 72 NQF credits (60% of a full year of study) must come from Level 7.
The number of contributing credits from Level 4 is restricted to a maximum of 40 credits.