Namibia Bachelor Honours Degree Award

Namibia Qualifications Authority NQA Bachelor Honours Degree Award

Characteristics and purpose

Bachelor Honours degrees represent an initial post graduate specialisation qualification building on a Bachelor degree in the same cognate area, often preparing people for research-based post graduate study.


Bachelor Honours degrees must:

consolidate and deepen expertise in a particular discipline beyond that recognised in a Bachelor programme

develop research capacity in the methodology and techniques of that discipline

demand a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence, and

require the conduct and reporting of supervised research representing a minimum of 25% of the total credits at the level of certification.


A lower qualification may not be awarded for early exit from a Bachelor Honours degree programme except where exit represents the attainment of another qualification.

Level of certification

Bachelor Honours degrees shall be awarded at Level 8.

Size of qualification

A minimum of 120 NQF credits at Level 8 in addition to those required to attain a Bachelor Degree.

A minimum of 30 of these Level 8 credits must be research related.