Namibia Certificates Award

Namibia Qualifications Authority NQA Certificates Award

The award of a certificate generally follows the attainment of a meaningful and coherent cluster of outcomes of learning associated with one or more areas of learning.  The volume of attainment recognised by a Certificate is generally less than that required for the award of a diploma.

Certificates may be an integral component of a degree and/or diploma and/or may be a stand alone qualification.

Certificates may be awarded at more than one level of the NQF between Levels 1 and 8 inclusive.  Distinguishing between Certificates at different awarding levels may be achieved by the inclusion in the Level in the title.


Characteristics and purpose 

Qualifications carrying the name Certificate generally recognise ability or preparedness for both employment and further education and training.

Such qualifications recognise proven ability in a coherent cluster of outcomes of learning pertinent to a work role or a recognisable and meaningful milestone on an education and training pathway.

Where Certificates are awardable at a level in advance of the level of certification of a Bachelor degree – Post Graduate Certificate – such qualifications often recognise ongoing professional development or continuing professional development in the same subject as an earlier degree.  Such qualifications broaden, extend and/or deepen currently recognised knowledge and skills.

Level of certification

Certificates may be awarded at Levels 1 to 8.

Size of qualification

minimum of 40 NQF credits of which a minimum of 40 must be at or above the level of certification.