Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA)

Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA)

About the Namibia Charcoal Association

Formerly known as the Namibia Charcoal Producers Association (NCPA), the Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA) is a non-profit voluntary membership Association for the Namibian charcoal industry from producers and processors to suppliers and all other stakeholders.

Charcoal production is an important activity for managing bush encroachment. Thus the purpose of the NCA is to strengthen the charcoal industry in a sustainable manner in an effort to grow the sector.

The aims of the NCA are to:

  • Act as a mouthpiece and protect and promote the interests of the producers.
  • Promote co-operation between producers.
  • Exercise efficient production and orderly marketing of relevant products and negotiate benefits for the producers.
  • Strive to accomplish the best possible connection between the producers, processors and promoters of processed products.
  • To convey the coordinated views of the industry to the authorities and to co-operate with the authorities to negotiate solutions to problems and to advocate for the necessary legislation that would benefit the industry.
  • To interact with all national and international stakeholders to the benefit of the industry. 


“To be an independent benchmark for quality charcoal”


“Negotiation, regulation and good communication active the NCA’s objectives.”


As a membership Association, the NCA offers the following support services to the charcoal industry in Namibia:

  • Identification of new markets.
  • Introduction of new technology.
  • Managing relationships with Government and playing a advocacy role.
  • Advising on recommended sales prices.
  • Putting in place an effective structure.
  • Setting up a sustainable financial model.
  • Setting up a labour database.
  • Providing labour advice.
  • Defining acceptable minimum wage.
  • Collecting and disseminating industry information.
  • Marketing and promotion of the industry.

Contact Us

T: +264 (0) 67 304 220  

F: +264 (0) 88 655 9217


A: Shop 3, St George’s Street 20 Otjiwarongo P.O Box 7984, Otjiwarongo