Namibia Diplomas Award 

Namibia Qualifications Authority NQA Diplomas Award

diploma is generally awarded following the satisfactory attainment of a sizeable, coherent cluster of outcomes of learning requiring a high level of demand and aligned with one or more learning areas.  Diplomas generally require the attainment of a volume of learning smaller than that required for the award of a degree.

Diplomas may be an integral component of a degree and/or standalone from any other qualification.

Diplomas may be awarded across more than one level of the NQF between Levels 5 and 8 inclusive.  Distinguishing between diplomas certificated at different levels may be achieved by the inclusion in the Level in the title.

Characteristics and purpose

Qualifications carrying the name Diploma recognise:

  • preparedness of learners for self-directed application of skills and knowledge
  • capacity for initiative and judgement across a broad range of educational and vocational areas, and
  • capacity for initiative and judgement in technical, professional, and/or management roles.

The knowledge, understanding and skills recognised in a diploma qualification are generally an extension of that recognised in prior qualifications or experience.

Diploma qualifications issued in advance of the level of certification of a Bachelor Degree – a Post Graduate Diploma – recognise:

  • an extended and deepened level of knowledge and skills that build on those developed in the principal subjects of an earlier degree (or other degree)
  • awareness and familiarity, through a systematic and current survey, of current thinking and research in a particular body of knowledge, and
  • instruction in relevant research methodologies.

A lower qualification may not be awarded for early exit from a Diploma programme except where exit represents the attainment of another qualification.

Level of certification

Diplomas may be registered at Levels 5 to 8.

Size of qualification

minimum of 120 NQF credits are required of which a minimum of 72 must be at or above the level of certification.