Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary Library

Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary Library


For many years the NETS Resource Centre has contained more than 9,000 volumes related to theology, biblical studies and Christian ministry. In April 2017 we received a donation of more than 7,000 current and high quality theological titles to add to our collection. Accordingly, NETS now has a collection of some 16,000 volumes — making it the leading theological library in Namibia.

The quality of the NETS library means that our faculty and students have access to a comprehensive range of relevant and up-to-date resources to help them excel academically.

Pastors and Christian workers are also welcome to register as NETS library members. The annual registration fee to become a member is only $200. Please contact us if you would like to visit the library, or become a member.

You can search the NETS Library catalogue online here.