Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Accounting (General)

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Accounting (General)

What is Bachelor of Accounting (General) ?

The Bachelor of Accounting (General) is intended for students who wish to pursue careers in any of the sub – systems of the accounting function, including auditing and taxation. enabling students to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Entry Requirements

General admission requirements of NUST including at least a D symbol at NSSC Ordinary level in Mathematics or Accounting. Applicants applying via the Mature Age Entry Scheme must score at least at least 50% in the English- and 60% in the Mathematics Test of NUST

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a Bachelor of Accounting Science degree?

  • Accountant (general)
  • Accounting officer.
  • Audit and assurance manager.
  • Chartered accountant (further training required)
  • Chief financial officer.
  • External auditor (further training required)
  • Financial accountant.
  • Lecturer (university)

Which Bachelor degree is best for accountant?

The degree fulfills a portion of the academic requirements required for several professional accounting certification exams. The curriculum encompasses core business courses such as marketing management, business research and analysis, and managerial finance.

What kind of bachelor degree is accounting?

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting is a 4-year degree that prepares students for entry-level professional positions in public, private, or government accounting.

Which degree do you need to become a chartered accountant?

Full-time study: should study a relevant BCom degree at a SAICA accredited university. When you have your degree you must complete your certificate in the theory of accounting (CTA) or an equivalent qualification. It takes at least one year.

How long is an accounting science degree?

This qualification is offered over a minimum of 3 years.

Is Bachelor of Science in accountancy is hard?

About my college education: Studying BS accountancy is not as easy as 1,2,3. It requires discipline, patience, enthusiasm and perseverance. In studying accounting I learned all things necessary for me to be a good accountant, from the accounting basic principles up to the most complex ones.

Is accounting bachelor of arts or Science?

A bachelor’s in accounting is typically a 4-year degree program that can lead to various business roles, including careers as accountants and auditors. Colleges and universities offer several types of bachelor’s in accounting, such as a bachelor of science, bachelor of business administration, and bachelor of arts.

Which subject is best for accounting?

As you would expect, maths is the most useful subject to have when you’re applying for an accounting degree. But the good news is that most universities are flexible.

What is Bachelor of Science in accounting technology?

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAcT) is a four-year degree program in the Philippines that will train you in maintaining systematic records of business transactions, verifying and recording them, using computers to calculate, prepare and process financial records.

What is the difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant?

A chartered accountant can offer specialist accountancy services and business advice in a range of important areas. The key difference between an accountant and a chartered accountant is that the latter is typically more highly qualified and experienced, and will be a member of a professional body.

What is the difference between bachelor of accounting science and BCom accounting?

Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year degree in which students can major in a variety of courses from the Accounting and/or Commercial streams. Whilst Bachelor of Accounting Science (which is known as the CA route) is a 3-year fixed programme in which student’s study towards a Chartered Accountancy.

What is a Bachelor of Science in accounting?

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting is four-year degree that requires more courses related to the accounting major to prepare students for entry-level positions in corporate, nonprofit, or government accounting. … This can be helpful for students who would like to pursue a double major or minor.

Is accounting a 5 year degree?

Overview. The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) is a four-year program which provides general accounting education to learners who wish to pursue a professional career as accountants, particularly as public accountants for the civil service.

Is accounting a good career?

Accountants play an incredibly important role in every organization, making this a great career for anyone who wants to work in an important position. Salaries for trained accountants are quite high, which means this is an excellent industry for anybody looking to maximize earning potential.

What does a bachelor of accounting do?

Accountants provide services relating to financial reporting, taxation, auditing, insolvency, accounting information systems, budgeting, cost management, planning and decision-making by organisations and individuals.