Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Computer Science

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Computer Science

What is Bachelor of Computer Science?

The Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a type of bachelor’s degree awarded after collegiate study in computer science. In general, computer science degree programs emphasize the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing. 

Entry Requirement

General admission requirements of NUST including a D-symbol in Mathematics on NSSC(O)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is computer science in demand in Namibia?

Is a computer science degree worth it 2020 in Namibia? Computer science is an ideal choice for students who enjoy math and problem-solving. Majoring in this field can lead to lucrative careers that will remain in high demand. A four-year computer science degree is challenging, but well worth the investment.

Is computing an engineer?

Computer Engineering uses principles from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to create hardware (physical components) and firmware which are used in a wide range of areas: consumer electronics, medical devices, communication systems, aircraft, self-driving cars, etc.

Is computer science hard?

Is computer science a hard major? CS has earned a reputation as a challenging major. And earning a degree in computer science does test students. Majors need strong technical skills, the ability to learn multiple programming languages, and exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Do I need maths for computer science?

Computer science is a broad field, so if you’re looking to get your computer science degree, the kind of math you’ll need to know will depend on your specific program and career path. But generally speaking, most degree programs require a basic understanding of calculus, algebra, discrete mathematics, and statistics.

What is considered computer science?

Computer Science is the study of computers and computational systems. Unlike electrical and computer engineers, computer scientists deal mostly with software and software systems; this includes their theory, design, development, and application.

Does NUST offer computer science?

Undergraduate. NUST offers as many as 28 Undergraduate Programmes in the disciplines of Engineering, IT and Computer Sciences, Business Studies, Social Sciences and Architecture, and Natural and Biotechnology.

Is computer science and computer engineering same?

Many prospective students wonder, “Is computer science considered a type of engineering?” While terms like “computer science” and “computer engineering” are sometimes used interchangeably, they are technically separate fields that focus on different aspects of computer technology.

Is computer engineering easy?

Computer engineering is hard. Computer engineering is not easy because you have to take several difficult math courses and integrate various computer science and electrical engineering concepts. However, compared to other engineering majors, computer engineering is not the most difficult.

What does a computer scientist do?

What does a computer scientist do? Computer scientists use technology to solve a range of different problems. They work on things like space exploration, hunt for weakness in the gene code of dangerous viruses and build the software that enables autonomous drones or robots to do their assigned tasks.

Is computer science hard or easy?

Yes, computer science can be hard to learn. The field requires a deep understanding of difficult topics like computer technology, software, and statistical algorithms. However, with enough time and motivation, anyone can succeed in a challenging field like computer science.

Should I study computer science?

Studying computer science will help you to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and complex analytical skills. Skills such as these are especially useful for specialists working with complex algorithms and big data to create instructions and understand design patterns.

What is the difference between computer science and Computer Technology?

Generally, computer science refers to designing and building computers and computer programs. Information technology, on the other hand, refers to maintaining and troubleshooting those computers and their networks, systems, and databases to ensure they run smoothly.

Does computer science pay well?

You’ll Be Part of a Growing Industry: The number of jobs for computer and math occupations is growing much faster than average, making computer science one of the most viable degree options. Opens the Door to High-Paying Careers: Computer science graduates earn some of the highest starting salaries of any major.

Does computer science need physics?

Originally Answered: Do computer science majors need physics? Yes. Understanding physics allows you to understand how transistors work, and transistors are the basis of the integrated circuitry that your computer uses to function. More generally, physics is about modeling the way the world works with mathematics.

Is computer science only programming?

Actually, programming is just one small topic covered by a computer science degree, and it’s one of the least emphasized in many colleges. Computer science is closely related to discrete mathematics and formal linguistic theory.

Which is better between computer science and computer engineering?

Computer Science vs Computer Engineering – which one is better? There is no such thing as ‘better’ in this case. It depends on your career plans and whether you enjoy working more with hardware or software. They both lead to lucrative and secure jobs, so which one is better will always depend on your plans.

Is computer engineering Bachelor of science?

A 4-year BS in Computer Engineering typically combines software-related classes in networks, operating systems and programming languages with hardware-related courses covering memory components, microprocessors and fiber optics.

Is bachelor of science in computer engineering hard?

It’s challenging because of some activities, specially the difficult subjects. The skills required, you should have hard work, problem solving and creativity. Because on that 3, you can succeed on all aspects of difficulty while studying.

Can I become a computer scientist?

While there are different routes to becoming a computer scientist, aspiring professionals tend to follow some variation of this traditional trajectory: Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, pursue a master’s degree in computer science or engineering, find a specialization, consider a Ph. D.