Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Human Resources Management

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Human Resources Management

What is Bachelor of Human Resources Management?

This is a 4-year undergraduate programme in human resource management (HRM). It is aimed at equipping students with skills and knowledge in HRM to enable them function effectively in various entry level HR roles in private, public or not-for-profit organizations.

Entry Requirement

General admission requirements of NUST

Frequently Asked Questions

Does UNAM offer human resource management?

The Human Resources Management program is offered by Namibia University of Science and Technology.

What jobs can you get if you study human resources?

  • Human resources assistant.
  • Payroll specialist.
  • Office manager.
  • Training coordinator.
  • Recruiter.
  • Human resources specialist.
  • Human resources manager.
  • Employee relations manager.

Is Human Resource Management a Bachelor of Science?

In the Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management (BSHRM), you can study the skills you need to help organizations succeed by building great teams and nurturing their people. The EdActive™ Learning Approach was designed to ensure you gain skills that are applicable in real-life human resource scenarios.

What subjects are needed for human resource management?

English Home Language (3) or English Additional Language (4), Mathematical Literacy (3) and/or Accounting (3). National Diploma in Human Resource Management or equivalent qualification with Industrial Psychology 111 or Human Resource Management 111. Three years full-time study. Four to eight years part-time study.

Does NUST offer human resources management?

The 3 year Bachelor of Human Resources Management qualification was introduced in 2011. … The programme provides for a Diploma in Human Resources Management as first exit level after 2 years.

What is Bachelor of Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management deals with people at work. … The Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management is an undergraduate qualification that provides an overview of management practice in a national and international context.

Does HR have a future?

Is there a future in HR career? Absolutely. There is and will continue to be the creation and diversification of HR job roles. As listed in the future jobs section, there will be a need for specialists in areas of data analysis, benefits creation, remote work development, and strategy building, etc.

Which degree is best for HR?

A bachelor’s degree is the typical entry-level education for an HR specialist. Most of the time, professionals have a bachelor’s degree in human resources because they are ready to make an impact from day one. Human resource managers plan and direct the administrative functions of an organization.

What is a degree in HR called?

A Bachelor of Arts degree program majoring in Human Resources or Human Resource Management is an undergraduate program where general education courses and core coursework focuses around the arts and humanities. The upper division courses you take will all be centered around HR.

Can Science student become HR manager?

Yes, If you are a Science, Commercial or an Art student, you can study Human Resources Management at the university provided you have the required subjects combination in your O level result.

Is Human Resource Management a field of study?

It’s a versatile field: You will gain knowledge and experience in multiple areas like Business, Leadership, Law, Marketing, Psychology, and Education. You can work in any industry: HR Management is a function that is needed in any industry, and many of the skills that you develop will be transferable across sectors.

How long does it take to study Human Resource Management?

The programme is split over four years and 8 months. Modules are undertaken over a seven-week period.

Is it hard to get a job in human resources?

Human resources—commonly known as HR— is a division of a business that focuses on the employees. … Entry-level HR jobs can be challenging to find, but many companies hire new graduates to learn more about HR through hands-on work.

How many points are required for HR?

To be considered for this qualification, applicants must have an Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 24. A score of 21 is required for the National Diploma (Extended Curriculum). Assessment procedures: Applicants with a final APS of 24 and more will be admitted to the programme.

How many modules are there in Human Resource Management?

The six major modules of human resource management are a summary of the contents covered by the human resources management of enterprises through the way of module division