Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Informatics Honours

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Informatics Honours

What is Bachelor of Informatics Honours?

This programme aims to further enhance the knowledge and skills of graduates in the field of Informatics by building upon undergraduate foundations in an intensive one-year honours programme.

Entry Requirement

A Bachelor degree in Informatics or B.IT in Business Computing or equivalent qualification at NQF Level 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a degree in informatics?

“A program that focuses on computer systems from a user-centered perspective and studies the structure, behavior and interactions of natural and artificial systems that store, process and communicate information.

What is bachelor degree in informatics?

What is a BSc in Informatics? Getting a bachelor’s degree in informatics entails learning about information science. Students usually spend about three to four years learning about information processing, computer systems, statistics and how our human world functions alongside technology.

Is Informatics a BS or BA?

The Informatics is designed around a small set of core courses that introduce the fundamentals of Informatics (human computer interaction, design), software (programming, requirements analysis), and human behavior (social analysis of computerization).

Is Informatics the same as computer science?

Informatics is the study of computational systems, especially those for data storage and retrieval. According to ACM Europe and Informatics Europe, informatics is synonymous with computer science and computing as a profession, in which the central notion is transformation of information.

What is the difference between data science and Informatics?

The differences between data science and health informatics hinge on the question, “What can I do with all this data?” Data science is analytical.It examines data for actionable insights.Health informatics is the application of that analyzed information.

Is informatics a good career?

The health informatics field is an exceptionally good career choice with a wide variety of job titles and jobs available at every degree program level. The starting and average salaries are above average across the country.

Is a degree in informatics worth IT?

Yes, a masters in health informatics is worth it for many students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 15% job growth in healthcare occupations over the next 10 years. Common healthcare informatics careers include administrators, data analysts, project managers, IT consultants and computer system specialists.

Is informatics the same as statistics?

Statistics infers from data; Informatics operates on data.

Is information technology a Data Science?

It is an interdisciplinary field based mainly on computer science and statistics, but also drawing on communication, psychology and engineering. Study this if you have a passion for computing, mathematics and enjoy making new discoveries through data analysis.

What is the difference between him informatics and analytics?

Data analytics refers to analysis of the data in some way using quantitative and qualitative techniques to be able to explore for trends and patterns in the data. … Informatics involves using the data, information, and knowledge to both improve the delivery of healthcare services and improve patient outcomes.

Is BSc informatics hard?

BSc in Computer Science can be challenging. You might have to understand a lot of concepts that are new to you and few languages that might not make sense in the beginning, but after few projects, they will do. You are taught how to get things done in comp science.

Who can study medical informatics?

If you want to pursue it after 12th, then you must have 12th with PCM with an aggregate of 45 percent marks or equivalent. To pursue post-graduation in Health Informatics, a student must hold a 4 years bachelor’s degree in fields like health sciences, social science, computer science, etc.

Is there a demand for health informatics?

The number of health informatics jobs is expected to grow through 2026. In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported approximately 50,000 new jobs for this field of healthcare and cited medical records and health information professionals as one of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the US.

What is better information technology or computer science?

If Student A is skilled at coding, they could easily choose Computer Science as their major. On the other hand, if student B is better at database-related tasks, they would be more likely to go for Information Technology.

Can I become a data scientist with an information technology degree?

You will need at least a bachelor’s degree in data science or computer-related field to get your foot in the door as an entry level data scientist, although most data science careers will require a master’s degree.