Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Honours

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Honours

What is Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Honours?

The Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Honours will be awarded to candidates who achieve the minimum total of 120 credits, including 30 credits for research or project work as spelt out in the regulations. The programme is designed to span over 2 semesters.

Entry Requirements

Candidates may be considered for admission for this programme if they meet General Admission Requirement of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (G12.1 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook). In addition, candidates are required to have passed Mathematics with at least an E-Symbol at NSSC Ordinary Level or a 4 at NSSC Higher Level. Mature age candidates will be considered provided they meet the requirements and pass the mature age entry examinations of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (G12.1 in Part 1 of the NUST Yearbook).

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I study logistics in Namibia?

The Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Namibia University of Science and Technology is designed to provide broad high level competencies that build on the learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Logistics Honours.

What degree is best for logistics?

A bachelor’s in business administration degree program that includes a concentration in logistics may be considered a logistics degree, as can degrees in areas like supply chain management, logistics management transportation, systems engineering and other areas of study.

How many years does it take to study logistics?

Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics Management – this degree takes 3 years to complete, and by its completion, the student will be competent in the understanding and interpreting of logistics management principles.

Is supply chain and logistics a good career?

Supply Chain is a fantastic career path for anyone. For many people their interests, desires, and goals will change over time. A great feature of Supply Chain careers is that there are so many options and directions that as your goals change you can easily change within Supply Chain.

Are logistics jobs hard?

“Logistics itself is a very challenging area within the SCM domain as most of the points of failure occur during logistics functions,” Sharma says.

Is there money in logistics?

First, the good news: there’s money to be made in logistics. Businesses spend trillions of dollars on logistics every year, and transportation can take up 80 percent of a company’s logistics budget. Companies need to hire people who can keep costs low, so logistics and transportation experts are in demand.

How do I become a supply chain manager?

Academic Qualification: Candidates who are looking for a job as a supply chain manager must have cleared a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Some companies prefer candidates who hold a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management or Business Administration.

Is logistics a good career?

The sector’s push towards constant skill up-gradation makes it a great option for people looking for a lifetime of professional growth. While it has a rich demand for skills, the sector has no inherent gender bias, offering equal opportunities to women.

How do I become a logistics manager?

A logistics manager usually needs a specialized undergraduate degree in operations engineering, operations analysis, or a related field. It is common for organizations to look for those who have a graduate degree in business management, analysis, or related field.

Is logistics a stable job?

Logistics is a relatively narrow field, and job growth is on par with the average for all occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 29.5 percent employment growth for logisticians between 2020 and 2030.

What does a logistics manager do?

Simply put, a logistics manager is the person in charge of overseeing the purchasing and distribution of products in a supply chain, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). They are integral to the process of making sure customers receive their products.

What type of degree is supply chain management?

A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management brings together concepts from finance, economics, and logistics. Courses equip students with skills in these areas and build organizational, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Communication and interpersonal relationships are also essential in this field.

How do I get a job in logistics?

Candidates who are willing to make a career as a logistics analyst are required to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, business management degree in engineering, business management, supply chain, mathematics or a related field. Internships in the respective field can add an extra edge to the resume.

Is supply chain a good career?

Yes, it’s a good career because supply chain management job opportunities are in plenty. Additionally, supply chain jobs usually pay well and there is a great room for career growth. The career path also offers excellent work satisfaction, and it’s hard to get bored.

Is supply chain a hard job?

Logistics is a fast-paced, demanding and competitive industry. With so many other companies vying for the same business, it’s important to come to work and give it your all.