Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Public Management Honours

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Public Management Honours

What is Bachelor of Public Management Honours?

The Bachelor of Public Management Honours is an initial postgraduate specialisation degree that is purposefully designed to equip students with deepened and systematic knowledge and expertise in the public management discipline, as well as develop their capacity to conduct supervised research of an applied nature.

Entry Requirement

A Bachelor of Public Management or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bachelor of Public Management all about?

The Bachelor of Public Management (Hons) degree(BPMM) is designed to educate students for effective careers in management of business firms, the public service or other non-profit seeking organizations. Its main objective is to provide knowledge and skills of three types: conceptual, human, and technical/operational.

What can you do with BA in Public Management and governance?

  • Public administrator (middle, senior management)
  • Public service official.
  • Political analyst.
  • Public Administration consultant.
  • Service delivery specialist.
  • Project / regulatory / procurement administrator.

Is Honours a higher degree?

An honours degree typically refers to a higher level of academic achievement at an undergraduate level. You can distinguish an honours degree by the presence of the word “Honours” or “Hons” in a qualification. Examples include: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or BA (Hons)

Is public management a good career?

Public management studies is a highly sought-after qualification where graduates can apply for entry-level positions at a number of industries, including government departments. Graduates who become Public Managers will be expected to maximise resources and ensure that initiatives under their guidance are successful.

Does public management have job opportunities?

A public manager can act as a general, financial or human resource and procurement officers at countless public parastatal and private institutions. In the public sector there are approximately 1000 different career opportunities. All these groups fit into some or other organisational structure.

What is the role of public management?

Public managers manage people and/or programs that serve the public. Some plan for cities, others educate children, regulate industries, promote public health, and provide security.

What is the difference between Bachelor and Bachelor honours?

The defining difference between the Bachelor Honours Degree and the Bachelor Degree is the development of advanced knowledge and the requirement for research in the former. Research must be evident in all Bachelor Honours Degrees.

Is honours better than Masters?

So a Masters degree is certainly a higher-level qualification. In most fields, an Honours degree will take an extra year of study (usually research) after a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters degree will take an extra 18 months to 2 years of study (either research or coursework or a mix of the two).

Is Public Management in demand?

You will notice that the first three occupations on the list are General Manager Public Service, Senior Government Official and Senior Government Manager, and they all fall in the highest demand bracket . From this research it is clear to see that managers in the public sector are highly sought-after!

What are examples of public management?

  • Budget director.
  • Community engagement manager.
  • Economic development manager.
  • Government relations manager.
  • Higher education administrator.
  • Municipal and county managers.
  • Public affairs director.
  • Public policy analyst.

Does public administration require math?

Answer: Public administration is an academic discipline and study that involves the implementation, formulation and monitoring of government policies hence it requires no mathematics. Its a process of administering government functions in bureaucratic institutions, government and both none governmental.

What is the meaning of Public Management?

Public management consists in a set of processes and tools aimed at achieving optimal performance in an organization dedicated to public service.

Is public administration difficult?

The subject is generally regarded as easy and simple to understand. There is ample study material for public administration. The questions are generally straightforward. There is a lot of overlap with the general studies papers.

What is the meaning of new public management?

New Public Management (NPM) is an approach to running public service organizations that is used in government and public service institutions and agencies, at both sub-national and national levels.

Is honours higher than Bachelors?

Some bachelor’s degrees have honours embedded within them. You will complete your honours study in the final semesters of your current undergraduate degree by completing specific units. Honours will not increase the overall time taken to complete your studies.