Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

What is Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics?

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics program prepares students to design and implement solutions to practical problems in science, engineering and many other fields and offers two areas of emphasis.

Entry Requirement

In addition to the general admission requirements of the University, a candidate should have obtained a minimum B symbol in NSSC Mathematics or its equivalent. Candidates that obtained a C symbol in Mathematics will be required to sit for an entrance test in Mathematics. Candidates who left formal school eight (8) or more years earlier will be considered for admission under Rule GI2.3 in the NUST General Information and Regulations Yearbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with an applied mathematics and Statistics degree?

A Statistical Analyst may be drawn to careers with Applied Math degree needs, including marketing, research and development, healthcare and pharmaceutical research and marketing, city planning, civics and government, engineering and education.

What is a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and statistics?

BSc Mathematics and Statistics. Formulate and analyse problems and interpret data, using statistical methodologies on this flexible degree. Undergraduate. 2022 entry.

What is Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics?

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics is a four-year program that provides students with a strong foundation in different mathematical techniques and its application in data analysis, optimization and modeling. The domains of study present in this course are Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Analysis.

What does Bachelor of Science in Statistics deal with?

The Bachelor of Science in Statistics is a degree program emphasizing statistics both as a science unto itself and as a service science, with powerful applications in such disciplines as biology, medicine, sociology, chemistry, agriculture, education, engineering, economics, psychology, and quality control.

Is applied math hard?

Applied mathematics is as difficult as learning all the rules for stating a particular idea in a particular fashion. It isn’t any harder than looking up a new word and remembering that word’s definition. If you can learn new words and use them in daily conversation, you can learn applied mathematics just as easily.

Is statistics a good career?

Statistics careers are often high-paying and come with strong levels of job satisfaction and good work-life balance, according to U.S. News and World Report. The magazine known for its annual rankings of the best jobs in the country ranks statistician as the No. 1 business job.

Is applied mathematics a Bachelor’s degree?

Undergraduate Study. Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics (Major) The bachelor of science in applied mathematics provides students with the knowledge necessary to apply mathematical ideas and techniques to the problems that arise in engineering or science.

Is applied mathematics a good major?

Applied Mathematics was the 83rd most popular major in the 2019-2020 school year. Colleges in the United States reported awarding 10,350 degrees in this year alone. This is a difference of 829 over the prior year, a growth of 8.0%. Approximately 379 colleges in the U.S. offer a applied mathematics degree of some kind.

What is the difference between mathematics and applied mathematics?

Application Based Difference Between Pure Mathematics & Applied Mathematics. Pure mathematics is used to solve problems related to mathematics and applied mathematics is used to answer questions related to various fields like physics, biology, economics, and so on.

Is a statistics degree useful?

A statistics major prepares students to use data to confront real-world problems. Statistics are relevant to topics ranging from disease prevention to storm prediction, and learning how to collect and break down complex information can help majors contribute to public policy, business decisions and more.

Is Bachelor of Science in statistics marketable?

Statistics is both marketable at undergraduate and Masters Level. The professionals in this career are well paid and it’s rare to find a statistics graduate being jobless. The average salary for a fresh statistics graduate is Ksh75, 000.

Should I study applied mathematics?

In short, applied mathematics and statistics allows you to contribute to society, have fun working in a wide variety of fields, satisfy your curiosity by asking questions and finding answers, and earn lots of money.