Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning Honours

Namibia University of Science and Technology Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning Honours

What is Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning Honours?

This program is for high-achieving students who have completed the Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning, and want to advance their study and undertake a research project. You’ll acquire the necessary skills to plan cities and regional towns, and study key areas of successful development.

Entry Requirement

Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 7

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of a town planner?

Town Planners work on the behalf of a developer or landowner to advise and assess your development idea and plan. Planners are professionals in developing strategies and reports from their assessments on your proposed development to ensure the best outcome is made to get approval from local council.

Do you need math for urban planning?

Yes they do. There are subjects where mathematical calculations are mandatory. In most of the planning projects, we need to use maths and formulas to complete. For example, in land pooling project, housing projects, sustainable city design, energy efficient planning, preparation of bylaws etc.

What is Bachelor of planning and design?

A. Bachelor of Planning (BPlan) is an undergraduate academic degree to train applicants in various aspects of designing, engineering, managing and resolving challenges related to human settlements.

How long is town planning course?

Our Bachelor degree is a four-year full-time coursework programme. The course in Town and Regional Planning equips the planner with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and propose urban and rural interventions to manifold problems in both settlements and regions.

Are town planners in demand in South Africa?

A degree in town and regional planning is in high demand, and has been identified as one of the top-five scarce skills in South Africa. More than any other profession, a town and regional planner has many options to choose from in terms of the sector and line of work.

Is urban planning boring?

Urban planning can be an exciting and rewarding profession. It can also be extremely political and sometimes downright boring. You sit there, review requests for development applications, subdivision requests, zoning amendments, variances, and general plan amendments.

How do you do town planning?

  • Preparatory / exploration phase.
  • Feasibility / planning phase.
  • Formal planning / zoning phase.
  • Design and implementation phase.
  • Operational phase.

How do I start a career in urban planning?

Earn a bachelor’s degree: Get a college degree in urban planning, public policy or a similar field. Take courses on subjects such as GIS, sustainability and geography. Complete a master’s degree: To improve your employment prospects, complete a master’s degree program in urban planning.

Do urban planners need calculus?

It won’t hurt any would-be planner to take a one-semester basic course in calculus as I did but it definitely should be considered an optional addition to algebra and statistics.

What can I do after Bachelor of planning?

Whereas in private sector students after completing the Bachelor of Planning can work in different firms indulged in Realty Development, Construction firms, Architecture and Interior Design firms, Public Structure Construction firms. There is opportunity available for self employment in planning professional.

What do town and regional planners do?

Town and regional planners mostly work for the government. … Town Planners’ tasks include the development of long- and short-term plans for land use, growth, maintenance and renewal. They also monitor relevant legislation and ensure that all projects comply with the regulations and rules.

What is town planning degree?

UNSW’s planning degree will equip you to work at the interface between development, land use, environment and urban design. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and career focused experience to turn creativity and critical thinking into real-world solutions – shaping the future of our cities and regions.

What is Bachelor of urban and regional planning?

Urban and Regional Planning Planning, also called urban, town, city and regional planning and development planning, is a dynamic profession that works to create more convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient and attractive places for present and future generations. Qualification: BSc(Hons)(URP)

What subjects are needed to study town planning?

Urban planning is an interdisciplinary field that includes social science, architecture, human geography, politics, engineering, and design sciences.

Are town planners in demand?

Just like the infrastructure industry as a whole, town planning is currently a very skill short market. Due to the recession, which saw a lot of planners leave the industry, it has suffered a skills gap.