Namibia University of Science and Technology Certificate in Vocational Education and Training: Trainer

Namibia University of Science and Technology Certificate in Vocational Education and Training: Trainer

What is Certificate in Vocational Education and Training: Trainer ?

A training of trainers programme designed to be flexible and scalable to accommodate disparity in experience, education and competence. CVET provides learners with a fundamental understanding of vocational education and training that enables you to: Determine Training Needs Among Organisational Members.

Entry Requirement

A Higher Certificate in Vocational Education and Training (HCVT) or equivalent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vocational training qualification?

Vocational qualifications are work-related qualifications available in a wide range of career areas. They are designed to enable the learner to acquire knowledge and skills that meet recognised standards necessary to perform a particular job.

What is the purpose of technical vocational education and training?

TVET is focused on transitions. It aims to provide learners, both students and adults, with ‘skills for work and life’ (UNESCO). It is a critical plank in the move towards lifelong learning for all and aims to provide equal opportunities for all young people and adults to learn.

Can you go to university with a vocational course?

Although some university level courses specifically request A Levels there are lots of higher education courses that will accept vocational qualifications too – especially if the higher education course is related to the Level 3 vocational qualification you have completed.

Do universities accept vocational courses?

Not all universities (or courses) accept vocational qualifications – some will only give you a place if you have A-levels. However, a lot of universities will accept a Level 3 vocational qualification or a more advanced one, especially if the course you’re applying to is related to your vocational qualification.

What is the meaning of vocational trainer?

Vocational training is the instructional program that prepares you for an occupation that requires a specialised skill, such as a technician, artisan or tradesperson. It may involve imparting classroom instructions, hands-on training or a combination of both.12 May 2021

What is vocational course certificate?

Vocational certificate means a document stating that you have received education or training that qualifies you for a particular job, e.g., auto mechanics or cosmetology. “

Is vocational course a degree?

A vocational degree is a certificate from an academic institution that is awarded to students who have completed degree requirements for a specific field or trade. Vocational degrees are different than traditional degree programs, such as a bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees.

What is a Level 3 vocational course?

Level 3. Equivalent to two or three A Levels. Generally, this is the level you can study on if you have passed four/five plus GCSEs at grade C or above, or equivalent qualifications at pass level. Most courses will require you to have a grade A* to C in maths and/or English.

Is BCOM a vocational course?

B.Com Vocational is a three-year undergraduate course in which students along with their commerce subjects are also trained vocationally in various fields such as computer application, taxation, sales and marketing, insurance, travel and tourism, etc.

What is another name for vocational training?

Sometimes called Vocational Education and Training or Career and Technical Education, vocational training provides hand-on, job-specific instruction, and can lead to certification, a diploma or even an associate’s degree.

Is a certificate the same as a degree?

Unlike a degree—which can take between two and four years to finish—certificates require as little as a few months to a few years to complete. This variation in length is due to the flexibility of certificate programs, including that they allow you to take as few or as many courses at a time as needed.

Is vocational same as diploma?

Technical schools/qualifications teach the theory and science behind the occupation, while vocational schools/qualifications take a more hands-on approach to teaching the skills needed to do the job successfully.

Is vocational course good?

Benefits of pursuing a vocational course from a job perspective. More often than not vocational courses have a course module that allows students the opportunities for on-site training which later on counts for good loads of practical work experience in the field once they are finished with their course.

What is difference between vocational course and regular course?

Broadly speaking, vocational courses take practical and hands-on approaches, teaching skills like plumbing, programming and film editing. Academic courses tend toward the theoretical, and consider more traditional subjects like literature, history and maths.

What is educational and vocational training?

Vocational education and training, abbreviated as VET, sometimes simply called vocational training, is the training in skills and teaching of knowledge related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation in which the student or employee wishes to participate.