Namibian Aviation Training Academy (NATA)

Namibian Aviation Training Academy (NATA)

About the Namibian Aviation Training Academy

NATA inauguration

The Namibian Aviation Training Academy facilities was officially inaugurated by the previous president Dr. Sam Nujoma on the 24th of February in the year 2000 at Keetmanshoop airport in southern Namibia. NATA`s initial training, comprising courses for private pilot licence, night rating, instrument rating and commercial pilot licence has already proved its success for many years.

NATA´S training locations

The headquarter of NATA is at Eros airport in Windhoek, but for practical and theoretical flying training, the NATA branch office in Keetmanshoop airport 500 kilometres south of Windhoek is used.

The NATA facilities over there are located close to the taxiway and the two runways of the aerodrome Keetmanshoop. The aerodrome is an auxiliary landing field for airlines in Namibia, too, because of this two landing strips. The airport Keetmanshoop, where ATC services are provided, is equipped with VOR/DME ADF, NDB, refuelling facilities and all necessary emergency and safety installations.

NATA can train their students in this environment to perfection. Take offs and landings are put into practice using the main tarred runway 04/22 (length 3610 meter) as well as the secondary gravel runway 36/18 (length 1469 meter). Training time is used optimal since the general flying training area is just 5 nm away from the airport and no time is wasted by flying holding patterns in overcrowded airspace.

The overall training concept for NAF Aircraft Maintenance Technicians is shown in Figure 1 and comprises the trades

  • Airframe
  • Engine Technicians and Electric
  • Instruments
  • Avionic Technicians

The concept consists of 3 phases, which are:

  • Phase 1: Vocational Training over a period of 35 weeks in TTC Windhoek
  • Phase 2: Professional Training over 60 weeks in TTC Grootfontein
  • Phase 3: Trade Test Preparation / Trade Test over 7 weeks in TTC Grootfontein

The graduation and certification procedures, as well as the necessary documents/certificates,

The Vocational Training at the NDF TTC consider the trades

  • Mechanics
  • Electrics/Electronics

It comprises theoretical and practical training and is carried out in the modules:

  • Fundamentals
  • Academics and Aircraft Knowledge
  • Engineering
  • Trade Introduction
  • Summary and Exams

will be determined between NATA, NAF and the appropriate Namibian Education/Training Authorities.

NATA Contact Details

Namibian Aviation Training Academy (NATA)

1.Technical Training Grootfontein

2.Windhoek Eros Airport Training Centre

• Eros Airport

• Aviation Road

• Windhoek-Namibia, Main-Office Windhoek Eros Airport

• Phone: +264-61-274470

• Fax: +264-61-702171

3.Keetmanshoop Airport Training Centre

• Email: Namibian-Aviation Training Academy in Keetmanshoop Airport

• Fax: +264-63-703477
Namibian Aviation Training Academy (NATA)