Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) PETE (Pre-Entry to Tertiary Education)

Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) PETE (Pre-Entry to Tertiary Education)

What is PETE (Pre-Entry to Tertiary Education)?

The PETE programme is a special programme, necessitated by the trend that current science and technology related programmes at institutions of higher learning indicate low admission in relation to gender and the least advantaged groups.

Entry Requirement

Candidates are required to submit their applications at NAMCOL’s regional and sub regional offices. The selection process will involve preliminary screening of applications and the administration of aptitude tests. Candidates who wish to apply for this programme must have:

  • at least an E symbol in the four target subjects;
  • should be prepared to write an aptitude test.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply NAMCOL online?

To apply for a programme, log on to . Once the home page of NAMCOL opens, click “myNAMCOL” or “Apply Now” to access the portal. Click on graduation cap to start with the application process. Complete the biographical Information

What courses does NAMCOL offers?

  • Automotive Mechanics.
  • Plumbing and Pipefitting.
  • Welding and Metal Fabrication.
  • Office Administration.

Will there be namcol for Grade 12 in 2022?

THE Namibia College of Open Leaning (Namcol) will still be offering the old curriculum until 2022 while learners who have lost hope of ever going back to school have been urged to register with the institution.

Will there be namcol in 2022?

NAMCOL offered Grade 12 (old curriculum) in 2021 for the last time. In 2022, Grade 11 of the new curriculum, alongside the Grade 12 new (NSSCAS). Why choose NAMCOL? NAMCOL is the only well-established open and distance learning institution in Namibia.

Where can I improve my grade 12 in Namibia?

Scores of learners aspiring to improve their Grade 11 and 12 results turned up in numbers to register at the Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) registration points at Oshakati since Monday.

What course can I study with grade 10?

  • Short Courses.
  • ICB Courses.
  • Financial Management Courses.
  • Beauty Courses.
  • HR Management Courses.
  • Child Day Care Courses.
  • Sales Management Courses.

Can I study at college without matric?

Bookkeeping and Accounting Studies. Policing, Forensics and Investigation Studies. Office Administration and Secretarial Studies. Business Management Studies.

Can I apply with Grade 12 marks?

Can I apply with my mid-year grade 12 results for undergraduate programmes? No, you may not. Applicants currently in grade 12 must either enter their final grade 11 results online or fill it in on the Hardcopy application form.

Can I go to college with Grade 9?

Simply put, yes. According to the Western Cape Government, as part of the Higher Education system, TVET Colleges accept students who’ve completed Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 at high school level. University post-graduates can also enrol for courses at TVET Colleges for more practical exposure.

Why it is important to apply for entry at tertiary while you are in Grade 11?

Answer: because you need to do work so that your family can survive and can leave peacefully and happily. that’s why it is important to apply for entry at tertiary institutions while you still at grade 11 .

How many subject do you need to pass matric?

WCED: Senior Certificate (Matric) for Adult Learners. Candidates can register to write exams for one or more subjects that appear in the lists below. You need to write 6 subjects and pass at least 5 subjects to qualify for a Senior Certificate.