Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) E-Learning

Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) E-Learning

NAMCOL - Namibian College Of Open Learning

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  • Secondary Education


Online Open Educational Resources (OERs)

OERs is accessible on the Notesmaster Namibia Platform which is a free e-learning platform tailored to the National Institute of Educational Development (NIED) curriculum. The main aim of this initiative is to add value to the existing NAMCOL study material.

NAMCOL with the assistance of subject matter experts and teachers from formal schools has developed interactive content in the following subjects: JSC English, Accounting, Life Science, Physical Science and History and NSSCO Economics. Development of content is underway for JSC Mathematics, Geography, Entrepreneurship, Oshindonga and NSSCO English, Biology, Economics and History.

Learners and tutors need to join the Notesmaster community to access these resources. Joining the platform is free – all you need to register is access to internet and a valid email address. This can be created using Gmail which is also free.

How to access the resources

  1. Open your web browser – recommended browsers is Google Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Go to
  3. Now click on the Register button and complete the registration form.
    (This takes you to the Dashboard.)
  4. To access the resources you click on the Resources button. Follow the instructions on the webpage.

Learners can do the following on the platform:

  • Read text, explore diagrams, watch videos, listen to audio and take part in real-time interactive tests.
  • Access, save and remix published materials from teachers.
  • Create and store assignments in the interactive syllabus.
  • Organise study time and assignment deadlines.

The Notesmaster Namibia platform can be accessed on computers, tablets and smart phones.

Take note you must have internet connectivity.

Learners are invited to make use of the NAMCOL CBLCs in their region as well as the Open Desk computers at the Regional Offices to access the platform.

  • Video Lessons

   JSC Geography Grade: 10
   JSC English Grade: 10
   JSC Accounting Grade: 10
   JSC Mathematics Grade: 10
   JSC Physical Science Grade: 10
   JSC Life Science Grade: 10
   NSSC Accounting Grade: 12
   NSSC Mathematics Grade: 12
  • Radio Lessons

   Anger Management
   Gender Based Violence
   Radio Programs (CLGE)