National Youth Service Agricultural Production

National Youth Service Agricultural Production

Agriculture is one of the areas that contribute to the GDP of Namibia.  In order for the National Youth Service to be self sustaining, the organisation is involved in crop production (mahangu, white and yellow maize, sunflower seeds and vegetables) and livestock farming at its farms and centres, as follows:

Farm Rietfontein

  • Farm Rietfontein is situated between Otavi and Grootfontein in the Otjozondjupa region.
  • Total hectors of land: 1616.23ha
  • Type of crops produced:  White & yellow maize, vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, onions, and spinach) and Blue Buffet Hay.
  • Livestock:  cattle, goats, Sheep and Kudus

Farm Berg Aukas

  • Berg Aukas is situated in the Otjozondjupa area between Grootfontein and Rundu.
  • Total hectors of land: 308ha
  • Type of crops produced: white and yellow maize, vegetables (spinach, cabbage, onions, green peppers) and water melons.

Farm Gemsbokspan

  • Farm Kangongo is situated in Otjozondjupa Region.
  • Total hectors of land: 7222ha
  • Type of farming activities: Livestock

Farm Omauni

  • This farm is situated in Ohangwena region, Okongo Constituency.
  • Total hectors of land: 100ha
  • Type of crops produced:  Mahangu, Sunflower and ground nuts.

Farm Eunda

  • Farm Eunda is situated in Omusati Region
  • Total hectors of land: 40ha
  • Type of farming activities: Hoticulture Production