NBS EXECUTIVE PROGRAMMES at Namibia Business School

NBS EXECUTIVE PROGRAMMES at Namibia Business School


Executive education refers to business management courses designed to aid the professional development of company leaders and managers and are considered part of an ongoing process of lifelong learning.


The Professional Education Course program is a non-degree program designed for individuals who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any field and who intend to teach at the secondary education level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Executive Certificate?

Executive certificate programs are special courses that allow business executives to advance their business, leadership, communication and other skills to make them better business executives and leaders. Some executives take these programs to make themselves more marketable in the job market.

What is a Executive Diploma?

Executive education (ExEd or Exec. Ed) refers to academic programs at graduate-level business schools for executives, business leaders and functional managers globally.

What is executive bachelor degree?

The Executive Bachelor of Business Administration (EBBA) is a one-year, two-semester intensive program. This program is designed for working professionals in middle or senior management positions with at least five years of work experience.

What is an Executive MBA?

An executive MBA program, also known as an EMBA program, is designed for students who are further along in their careers and want to continue working full-time while in school. Schedules vary among programs, but most offer part-time formats like weekend classes.

What is executive education center?

CERP aims to build a ‘culture of evidence’ at all levels of decision making and implementation within the public, private, and development sectors.

Is an executive diploma a degree?

The Executive Diploma in Leadership and Management is a 120 credit size qualification (UK), equivalent in size to the first year of a UK Masters’s degree. It is designed for students who want to gain a greater depth and understanding of the core functions of management and business administration.

What level is an executive diploma?

The postgraduate Level 7 Executive Diploma assessment methods have been designed to enable students to demonstrate Level 7 outcomes for this level of qualification.

What is difference between PG diploma and executive diploma?

The Executive PGDM is basically done by working professionals, while the normal PGDM is open for both fresh graduates and working professionals.

What is the difference between masters and Executive Masters?

Executive master’s degrees differ from a traditional MBA in that they’re designed to accommodate the working professional and offer more flexible and convenient enrollment options.

Is Executive MBA a master’s degree?

Executive master of business administration is a degree program similar to a master of business administration (MBA) program but specifically designed for corporate executives and senior managers already in the workforce.

What is eligibility for Executive MBA?

Any candidate who has completed bachelor’s degree with minimum 50 per cent aggregate or equivalent from a recognised university. In many institutes, there is no minimum cut off marks for Executive MBA admission. The candidate must have at least two years of work experience at managerial or executive level.

What is the executive approach to teaching?

The executive approach typically defines knowledge (K) as “something “out there,” external to the teacher and the learner, with the teacher serving as a conveyor of that knowledge to the student” (p. 17).

What is the meaning of exclusive education?

Exclusive education refers to the education of students by selective merit or exclusion and may or may not involve discrimination by educational authorities, representatives, or other stakeholders.

Is Executive PGDM equivalent to MBA?

Contrary to common perception, an Executive PGDM is a full-time MBA programme for executives and its duration varies from 15 months to 24 months. On the other hand, an Executive MBA is a part-time programme with an average duration of about one year.

Is MBA same as PGDM?

The first and basic difference between the two programs is that the MBA is a Degree program whereas a PGDM is a diploma program. An MBA program is offered by a government or private university or a college affiliated with a university.