New Ford Ranger For Sale in Namibia

New Ford Ranger For Sale in Namibia

What is Ford Ranger ?

The Ford Ranger (T6) is a range of mid-size pickup trucks manufactured and sold by Ford Motor Company since 2011.

New Ford Ranger For Sale in Namibia

New Ford Ranger Wildtrack for sale in Namibia. You can buy Ford around Windhoek from Nautocar Namibia for 664994 Rands – This Pick-Up Double Cab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What price is the new Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger 2023 prices range from $35,930 for the basic trim level Single Cab Ranger XL 2.0 HI-Rider (4X2) The Ford Ranger 2023 comes in Dual Cab, Extra Cab, Other and Single Cab.

How much does a Ford Ranger cost in rands?

FORD RANGER Suggested Retail Price

ModelExcl. VatIncl. Vat
RANGER 2.2 TDCI DOUBLE CAB XL 6MT 4X2 HRR351,217R403,900
RANGER 2.2 TDCI DOUBLE CAB XL 6AT 4X2 HRR363,739R418,300
RANGER 2.2 TDCI DOUBLE CAB XL 6MT 4X4 HRR387,391R445,500

How much is a Ford Ranger Raptor worth?

Ford Ranger Raptor road test 2023 | Drive
There is only one model in the Ford Ranger Raptor launch line-up, starting from $85,490 plus on-road costs (though the price rises by $1300 to $86,790 plus on-road costs from March 2023 production onwards).

How much will the 2023 Ranger Raptor cost?

The U.S. market 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor will boast a $52,500 starting MSRP at launch, sources familiar with the matter explained to Ford Authority. The news arrives not long after The Blue Oval officially announced the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor, which will start at $69,000, barring any future changes.

Is the Ford Ranger Raptor 2023 petrol?

About the 2023 Ford Ranger RAPTOR 3.0 (4×4)

Ford claims the Ranger RAPTOR 3.0 (4×4) uses 11.5L/100km of Premium Unleaded Petrol in the combined city and highway cycle while putting out 262g of CO2.

How many Litres of fuel does a Ford Ranger hold?

It has a 80L fuel tank, meaning it should be able to travel 964km per full tank.

How big is the Ford Raptor gas tank?

36.0 gal

2022 Ford F-150 Raptor Raptor – Specs & Features

Fuel & MPG
EPA city/highway MPG15/18 MPG
EPA combined MPG16 MPG
Range in miles (city/hwy)540.0/648.0 mi.
Fuel tank capacity36.0 gal.

Which is better 2.2 or 3.2 Ford Ranger?

If you don’t need a lot of towing or hauling capacity, the 2.2 Ranger is a solid choice. However, if you frequently need to tow heavy loads or traverse rough terrain, the 3.2 Ranger is definitely the better option. It has a stronger engine that can handle tough jobs with ease.

Are Ford Rangers fuel efficient?

In the world of off-road trucks, the 2019 Ford Ranger boasts some impressive gas mileage, with an EPA-estimated 21 city/26 highway MPG for the 4×2 driveline and 20 city/24 highway MPG for the 4×4 driveline.

Are Ford Rangers good on fuel?

The EPA estimates the rear-wheel drive Ranger will earn up to 21 mpg city and 26 highway. The four-wheel-drive version has estimates as high as 20 mpg city and 24 highway, but the Tremor model sees both ratings drop to 19 mpg.