Nissan Bakkies For Sale in Namibia

Nissan Bakkies For Sale in Namibia

What are Nissan Bakkies ?

The Nissan 1400 is a flatbed truck, which was manufactured from 1971 to 2008 in South Africa under changing designations. Its successor is the Nissan NP200. It was manufactured by Rosslyn Motor Assemblers, which later became Nissan South Africa.

Nissan Bakkies For Sale in Namibia

2016 Nissan NP200. Nissan Bakkie Single Cab Petrol Manual NP200. Price: N$ 119 900 · Nissan Np300 Hardbody 4×4. Windhoek. Nissan Bakkie Double Cab Diesel …

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Nissan NP200 brand new?

Price List – NISSAN NP200 Series

ModelPriceConsumption litres/100 km
NISSAN NP200 1.6 8V BASE +AC SAFETY PUR253,800.008.1
NISSAN NP200 1.6 BASE SAFETY PUR234,000.008.1

Are Nissan bakkies good?

While the Nissan Navara single cab is a little more basic than the double cab alternatives, it is extremely hard-working, practical and loaded with added extras. With a proud history of building reliable vehicles on the edge of innovation, the Nissan Navara continues to shine, as a commercial or personal vehicle.

Is Nissan NP200 petrol or diesel?

The NP200 base model and top model are powered by a 1.6-litre unleaded petrol engine in South Africa.

Which bakkie is most powerful?

Hennessy Mammoth 1000 TRX – 754 kW and 1 313 N.m

Despite being the most powerful production 4X4 bakkie in the world, Hennessey has done what they do best, adding power and making cars look meaner.

What are the advantages of the Nissan NP200?

Like its predecessor, the NP200 is built for the best possible load-carrying performance. That’s why it features the biggest payload in its segment, 800kg along with the segment’s biggest load box volume at 1.26m³. You even get a rubberised surface as standard equipment.

Where is the Nissan NP200 made?

Rosslyn factory

While the statement makes absolutely no mention of Africa, it’s certainly not inconceivable the Nissan-badged version of the new bakkie could serve as a replacement for the NP200, which is produced at Nissan’s Rosslyn factory here in South Africa and has been on the local market for a whopping 15 years.

What are the benefits of a bakkie?

Bakkies Are Best

One of the major benefits is that it will experience little to no depreciation, meaning it will keep its value for years to come. You will also have a lower impact on the environment and still have up-to-date safety features.

What is special about Nissan?

Over the years, Nissan has become a renowned brand because of its high reliability, outstanding safety ratings, and innovative designs. The automaker’s reputation for making solid, affordable cars is as strong as it was during its early days.

What kind of engine is in the Nissan NP200?

Available in powerful and fuel efficient 1.6l petrol and 1.5l dCi engines.

What kind of oil does a Nissan NP200 take?

Nissan Np200 1.6 -Castrol Gtx Ultra Clean 10W-40 5L.