NSFAF Local Funding Requirements

Namibia Students’ Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) Local Funding Requirements

Local Funding Requirements

1.1 An applicant should be a Namibian citizen;
1.2 An applicant should apply to study full/part-time or distance at accredited and recognized Institutions of Higher Learning;
1.3 Applicants should have obtained 25 points (in grade 12) in five subjects with an F in English to qualify for funding at local Institutions of Higher Learning, however applicants intending to study Education and Law should obtain 25 points (in grade 12) in five subjects with a minimum of E in English;
1.4 Applicants who have improved their English through English Programme offered by institutions of higher learning will also be considered provided that such a programme is not less than three (3) months and they have obtained a pass;
1.5 Applicants who obtained post-grade 12 qualifications (minimum NQF Level 5) but have less than 25 points in grade 12/school leaving certificate may be considered for local Institutions if they have obtained a minimum of 20 points and an F in English in grade 12 or equivalent school leaving certificate. However, applicants who intend to study Education and Law should obtain an E in English in grade 12;
1.6 Applicant admitted on Mature Age Entry should be considered for funding provided that a proof of admission on mature age from the Institution is provided to NSFAF. Applicants should at least be 23 years old. Mature Age Entry is restricted to local Institutions only.
1.7 Pre or bridging programmes will only be considered if the programme is a pre-requisite of the formal programmes. In the event, where the pre-programme is only implemented for the students who did not meet the requirements of the actual           programme, then application for those students will not be considered.
1.8 Applicants should provide proof of parental income, if unemployed a declaration under oath should be provided.
1.9 Loans and grants should be provided as from NQF Level 5.
1.10 Local students must have been registered at Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) to qualify for funding.
1.11 If Parental income is above N$750 000, NSFAF will not provide any funding, unless there is a proof of support for other siblings and/or legally adopted children at Institutions of Higher Learning.
1.12 If parental income is less than N$750 000, NSFAF will pay the full predetermined rate.
1.13 No application form will be accepted or considered with pending documents neither will it be forwarded to the Selection Committee.
1.14 No applicant should be considered for NSFAF funding, if already benefited for the programme at the same level.   If such case is identified, the award would be forfeited.
1.15 Under no any circumstances should a student be awarded for funding who failed a previous academic year, and decide to apply for another programme.  If such case is identified, the award would be nullified.
1.16 Foreign qualifications (including grade 12 certificates) should be submitted with an evaluation from Namibia Qualification Additional Funding Requirements (Part-time and or distance employed applicants)

Additional Funding Requirements (Part-time and or distance employed applicants)

1.17 Applicants (students) that are employed and studying part-time or distance may be funded depending on the field of study.  This funding is limited to high and medium priority fields of study as determined annually by NSFAF,    provided that their income does not exceed N$300,000 per annum. Financial assistance will be in the form of tuition fees only.