NUST Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences

Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) Faculty of Natural Resources and Spatial Sciences

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The Faculty’s mission promotes personal and academic advancement of students by conveying knowledge and skills required in the sustainable utilization and management of natural resources.  If you yearn to contribute to the sustained national economic growth and competitiveness, this is the right Faculty for you!

The Faculty is comprised of four Departments, namely:

• Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences

• Land and Property Sciences

• Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology

• Architecture and Spatial Planning

Within a stimulating and friendly environment, we offer a wide range of qualifications ranging from diplomas to doctorate degrees. We use a diverse, yet practical, approach to understand environmental challenges. Our programmes are geared towards national development and enhancement, as we strive to build the capacity required to meet the regional transformation challenges such as poverty reduction, land reform, eco-tourism, sustainable agriculture and food security, environmental and ecological sustainability for sustainable socio-economic development.

Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources Sciences

The study program aims to:

•     Promote the students’ understanding, appreciation and commitment to the nation;
•     Promote the students’ intellectual development;
•     Contribute towards the students’ individual and social development;
•     Assist the students’ to develop professionally within the Namibian context