NUST Faculty of Engineering

Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) Faculty of Engineering

The NUST Faculty of Engineering consists of four departments; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Mechanical and Marine Engineering; Mining and Process Engineering.

The Faculty offers National Diploma (ND) and Bachelor of Technology (BTech) and Bachelor of Engineering (BEng – professional degree) programmes in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering disciplines.

“We take pride in our strategic partnership with industry and partner academic institutions through research, collaboration and consultancy.”

NUST Faculty of Engineering Departments

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical and Marine Engineering

Mining and Process Engineering

NUST Faculty of Engineering Programmes

Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering: Industrial Engineering

Introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (InSTEM): Bridging Programme

Master of Industrial Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering: Mechanical

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering: Electrical Power

Bachelor of Engineering: Electronics and Telecommunications

Bachelor of Technology: Engineering: Civil: Urban or Water

National Diploma in Civil Engineering and Project Management

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Mining

Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgy

Bachelor of Technology in Electronic Engineering

NUST Faculty of Engineering Contact Details

Office of the Dean
Ms. Melanie Kandjavera, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2531/ FAX: 061-207-9531Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ms. Lucia Kamperipa, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2362/ FAX: 061-207-2521Department of Mining & Process Engineering
Ms. Hileni Shilunga, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2945/ FAX: 061-207-2142Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ms. Sisi Kaahepi, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2694/ FAX: 061-207-2142

Department of Mechanical & Marine Engineering
Ms. Romarcia Descande, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2947/ FAX: 061-207-2521Faculty Officer
Sonja Samuels
TEL: 061-207-2016