NUST Medical Laboratory Programme

Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Programme

Course Overview

Professional degree that enables students to apply principles and techniques in the routine and specialized analysis of biological specimens and other substances. Students will be able to integrate laboratory tests and results with pathophysiological conditions and conduct supervised research.

Admissions Requirements

General admission requirements of which 18 points must be obtained in Biology, Mathematics and Physical Science on NSSC including a D symbol in English. No symbol may be lower than a C on Ordinary Level or a 4 on Higher Level. No admission via the Mature Age Entry Scheme will be accepted.

Career Opportunities

Registered Medical Laboratory Scientists in clinical laboratories, food industry, water analysis etc.

Some of the Subjects You Will Study

Year 1
Semester 1

Course TitleCourse CodePrerequisite
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1AHPY511SNone
Health Science ChemistryHSC511SNone
Health Science PhysicsHSP511SNone

Semester 2

Human Anatomy and Physiology 1B                        HPY521S              Human Anatomy and Physiology 1A
Immunology                                                                      IMY521S              Human Anatomy and Physiology 1A
Biochemistry                                                                      BIO521S               Health Science Chemistry
Cell and Molecular Biology                                          CMB521S             Human Anatomy and Physiology 1A

Year 2
Semester 3

Medical Microbiology 2AMMB611SHuman Anatomy and Physiology 1B
  Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science
Haematology 2AHAM611SHuman Anatomy and Physiology 1B
Clinical Chemistry 2ACLC611SBiochemistry
  Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science
Anatomical Pathology 2AANP611SHuman Anatomy and Physiology 1A
  Human Anatomy and Physiology 1B
  Cell and Molecular Biology

Semester 4

Medical Microbiology 2BMMB621SMedical Microbiology 2A
Haematology 2BHAM621SHaematology 2A
Clinical Chemistry 2BCLC621SClinical Chemistry 2A
Anatomical Pathology 2BANP621SAnatomical Pathology 2A
ImmunohaematologyIMH621SHuman Anatomy and Physiology 1A
  Human Anatomy and Physiology 1B
Molecular DiagnosticsMOD621SBiochemistry
  Cell and Molecular Biology

Year 3
Semester 5

Medical Microbiology 3                                                MMB711S           Medical Microbiology 2B
Haematology 3                                                                 HAM711S            Haematology 2B
Medical Laboratory Management                           MLM711S           Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science

Semester 6

Research MethodologyRMA821SHealth Science Statistics
Work Integrated Learning 3 (WIL 3)WLB721SMedical Microbiology 3
  Clinical Chemistry 3
  Haematology 3
  Molecular diagnostics
  Anatomical Pathology 2B

Year 4
Semester 7

Integrated Clinical PathologyICP811SWork Integrated Learning 3 (WIL 3)
Work Integrated Learning 4A (WIL 4A)WLB811SWork Integrated Learning 3 (WIL 3)

Semester 8

Mini-ThesisMTB811SResearch Methodology
Work Integrated Learning 4B (WIL 4B)WLB821SWork Integrated Learning 4A (WIL 4A)

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