Off-road Caravans For Sale in Namibia

Off-road Caravans For Sale in Namibia

What is Off-road Caravans

Off road caravans are designed to withstand extreme off roading adventures. They often have a sturdy chassis, suspension and tyres that can travel on off road tracks and terrain. The frame of the caravan is raised so that there’s enough clearance off the ground.

Off-road Caravans For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between on road and off road caravans?

The advantage of off-road caravans is that they are built for rough conditions and will survive most of your outdoor adventures. They are fitted with an off-road articulated coupling hitch that makes it improbable for the trailer to be unhitched when traversing rough terrain.

What is the function of a caravan?

A caravan, travel trailer, camper, tourer or camper trailer is a trailer towed behind a road vehicle to provide a place to sleep which is more comfortable and protected than a tent (although there are fold-down trailer tents).

Why is it called a caravan?

The word caravan comes from the Persian karwan meaning “group of desert travelers.” A caravan can be a large group of people traveling together in one long line. It’s also the term used for a camper that has a living area in it.

What is off-road used for?

designed, built, or used for traveling off public roads, especially on unpaved roads, trails, beaches, or rough terrain: an off-road vehicle. taking place on such roads or terrain: off-road racing.

What are the characteristics of caravan?

A caravan is a vehicle without an engine that can be pulled by a car or van. It contains beds and cooking equipment so that people can live or spend their holidays in it. A caravan is a group of people and animals or vehicles who travel together.

What is called off-road?

Off-roading is the activity of driving or riding in a vehicle on unpaved surfaces such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. Types of off-roading range in intensity, from leisure drives with unmodified vehicles, to competitions with customised vehicles and professional drivers.

What is an example of off-road?

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), off-highway motorcycles or dirt bikes, Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTVs or side-by-side vehicles), snowmobiles, and four-wheel-drive vehicles (such as jeeps and trucks) can all be defined as OHVs.

What is another name for an off road vehicle?

Specialized commonly available off-road vehicles include Utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes, dune buggies, rock crawlers, and sandrails.

What is an off road engine?

Off-Road Engine means an engine used in an off-road vehicle, or piece of equipment, including a certified on-road diesel engine.

Which diesel is off road?

Red Diesel

Red Diesel is Off-road diesel, in the United States this fuel is denoted with a red dye. The dye marks this as fuel for off-road equipment and vehicles and as such it doesn’t have road fuel taxes included in the price.