Ogongo Agricultural College, Namibia

Ogongo Agricultural College in Namibia

The Ogongo Agricultural College is a college based in Omusati Region, in the northern part of Namibia. The college was founded in 1973 to train locals in agriculture. The college was closed between 1988 and 1992 due to civil disorder.The Ogongo Agricultural College is part of the University of Namibia and it has led to job creation for the local population and attracts visitors from across the country as well as abroad.

Apart from employment, the college, which is at the moment known as the University of Namibia Ogongo campus offers the inhabitants a variety of agricultural products such as milk, vegetables as well as meat. the campus in addition is a relive to poor parents and guardians who could not afford to sent their children to far away town such as Windhoek in order for them to get tertiary education, the campus is situated in the village and therefore cuts even costs for transport, accommodation and food as some student commute from home to school everyday.

Apart from that, the campus is also of great help to its inhabitants on the fact that it offers its open buildings to host various community functions such as award ceremonies of the local schools, weddings, or most commonly the entertainment events like Miss Ogongo and others . by doing this the institution promotes youth empowerment of the youth in the village. The Campus is on a 4,350 ha farm of which 1000 ha serves as a game park. This offers a unique opportunity to conduct almost all student field practical on campus and a further opportunity for research and community engagements in agriculture production and the management of natural resources.

Indeed, the campus is mandated to develop innovative ways of crop and animal production as well as environmental management and instil this knowledge in the student clientele and the community.Training at Ogongo focuses on Agriculture, Management of natural resources and Environmental Science. Specifically, students may opt for any of the four (4) flagship programmes, namely the Bachelor of Science Degree in Crop Science, Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Environmental Science, Diploma in Agriculture as well as the Diploma in Natural Resources Management.

All students admitted at Ogongo have a chance to be accommodated in the University hostels, making it very convenient to access the Campus facilities even at night. Being a Campus with a low student population, inter-personal interactions are actualized creating a homely, conducive learning environment.

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