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About Onyose Trust

Onyose Trust works with young disabled people in Khomasdal, Windhoek. There are 45 careers from age 8 to 30, all with physical or mental disability. Onyose provides students with informal English literacy, numeracy, and vocational education

Onyose Trust is situated in Khomasdal, Windhoek and works with children and adults from the age of 8 to 30, with physical, mental, learning and sensory impairments and with mental health problems.

Courses Offered by Onyose Trust

The Trust consists of two programmes.

• The Day Programme accommodates youth and adults, five days a week to participate in non-formal education and vocational training activities including – craft skills, horticulture, and daily living skills.

• The Community Based Rehabilitation Programme (CBR) provides support and training for parents and caregivers of people with disabilities and refer to specialist medical and social services.

Our philosophy is that every person with a disability should achieve the highest possible level of personal independence and social participation.

As an organization catering for the needs of the most vulnerable members of our communities, we are faced by a very challenging period in our history. The challenge of limited financial resources, to fund our activities, the latter is a result of the withdrawal of support from our two main German-based donors.

Contact Details;


Onyose is based on Andrew Kloppers Street, Khomasdal/ WINDHOEK (opposite the Khomasdal UNAM campus)


+264 81 299 5550

+264 81 390 3087