Paramount Healthcare Center Job Vacancies


“Our objective is to provide access to affordable & high-quality healthcare to the general public” – Hein Venter MD

To provide and establish Access to Affordable and Quality Healthcare to members of Medical Aid Funds, private patients and the public.

Preventative and curative care in respect of pre-identifies chronic conditions i.e. cancer, diabetes, cardiac, asthma, anxiety/depression etc. as well as primary healthcare conditions and treatments i.e. immunization, pap smears and general health and wellness education.

Our patients are our concern and through our Sub-Acute, Pharamcy, Clinic, Oncology, Frailcare and Retirement divisions we give attention to…

  • Psychological concerns
  • Social concerns
  • Spiritual concerns
  • Supportive care

We are driven by Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

  • Need for self-actualization
  • Need for self esteem
  • Social needs – belonging
  • Need for safety and security
  • Physical survival needs


Below are the Contact Details for the various Paramount Healthcare Center divisions.

  • Sub Acute061 2871106
  • Pharmacy061 287 1102
  • Clinic Services061 2871188
  • Oncology061 2871103


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