Pharmacist Assistant Salaries In Namibia

Pharmacist Assistant Salaries In Namibia

What is Pharmacist Assistant?

Pharmacy assistants help pharmacists order, prepare and dispense medicines. See how you could use your customer service skills in a pharmacy. A person working as a Pharmacist in Namibia typically earns around 22,200 NAD per month. Salaries range from 11,300 NAD (lowest) to 34,300 NAD (highest).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a pharmacist assistant in Namibia?

Pharmacy assistants assist with drug dispensing by measuring, compounding, packaging, and distributing medications. A pharmacy assistant’s duties and responsibilities vary depending on where they work (in a hospital or community pharmacy). Some of the main duties are to prepare and package prescription medications.

How much is a pharmacist paid in Namibia?

A person working as a Pharmacist in Namibia typically earns around 22,200 NAD per month. Salaries range from 11,300 NAD (lowest) to 34,300 NAD (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

What qualifications do I need to be a pharmacy assistant in Namibia?

There are no set entry requirements to become a pharmacy assistant. Employers usually expect good literacy, numeracy and IT skills. They may ask for GCSEs or equivalent qualifications. Employers often ask for relevant work experience.

What does a trainee pharmacy assistant do in Namibia?

Dispenses prescription medication and other medical products to patients under direction of licensed pharmacist. Counts pills, labels bottles, prices, and compounds medications to prepare prescriptions for patients as directed.

Is pharmacy assistant a good career in Namibia?

A pharmacy technician is a good profession for anyone who is detail oriented, able to grasp mathematical equations, and enjoys working with patients. The points below further outline the reasons a career as a pharmacy technician may be right for you.

Is being a pharmacy assistant hard in Namibia?

I work in the pharmacy as an assistant, the work is very hard and there is little room to move up in wage. The pharmacists do not get wage increases at all and are expected to do A LOT of clinical billing with no compensation. I worked for the company in the mid 90’s, what a great place to work.

What are pharmacy assistant duties in Namibia?

  • gather and enter patient information and doctors’ prescriptions in computer systems.
  • assess prescriptions for completeness.
  • prepare and package prescription medications.

What makes a good pharmacy assistant in Namibia?

Good literacy skills, basic computer skills, and mathematical knowledge are required. Customer service skills are also necessary, as often the pharmacy assistant is the first person a customer speaks with and the person who can immediately help with their prescriptions. Able to clearly explain instructions to customers.

What is it like working as a pharmacy assistant in Namibia?

A pharmacy assistant’s job is hands-on and encompasses various duties and responsibilities each day. An assistant works under the supervision of technicians and pharmacists, but may also be responsible for stocking shelves, packaging prescriptions, and manage customer transactions, all in the same shift.

What’s it like being a pharmacy assistant in Namibia?

However, regardless of where you work, your primary function as a pharmacy assistant will remain the same: to help ensure the pharmacy runs smoothly by serving customers and performing clerical tasks. Greeting customers and helping them find what they need (or referring them to the technician or pharmacist on duty).

Are pharmacists in demand in Namibia?

Employment of pharmacists is projected to decline 3 percent from 2019 to 2029. However, demand is projected to increase for pharmacists in some healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics.

Can a pharmacist be rich in Namibia?

So yes, a pharmacist can become rich by means of learning how to make your saved money work for you investing. As far as the average pharmacist salary, you can look up how much they make, budget it, and speculate if or when you may be able to retire.

Are pharmacist happy in Namibia?

Pharmacists are mostly happy with their compensation, but rated their job satisfaction levels lower in a recent Pharmacy Times Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey. In the survey, he rated his colleagues as a top driver of job satisfaction and the administrative burden as the top driver of dissatisfaction.

Is pharmacy harder than engineering in Namibia?

It also depends on the curriculum rigors your institute puts you through. Personally, having studied pharmacy for six odd years, I do not think the curriculum is any less rigorous than engineering. You need to gain knowledge in 40 odd courses to graduate in pharmacy (which is somewhat similar to engineering).

Is pharmacist a dying career in Namibia?

Yes, pharmacist is a dying profession. However, graduating with a pharmacy degree opens so many doors. You can get into R&D, Pharmaceutical Sales, Regulatory, QA/QC, Clinical pharmacy, Health insurance – there is so much you can do with that degree!