PMN4143 Church Management and Administration (4 credits) at United Lutheran Theological Seminary Paulinum

PMN4143 Church Management and Administration (4 credits) at United Lutheran Theological Seminary Paulinum

What is Church Management and Administration?

Church Management: CHURCH MANAGEMENT: COMBINING THE SPIRITUAL AND THE ORGANIZATIONAL. Churches are characterized by both human (organizational) and godly (spiritual) attributes. The church is at once the body of Christ and a human institution.


Church management is an important ideal that brings together the spiritual and the organizational. In the spiritual sense, you are serving the Lord while serving your community. In the day-to-day sense, managing a church often takes the same skill set as managing a small business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is management in the ministry?

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Management is for those who are interested in the behind-the-scenes operations, leadership skills, and financial management processes necessary to maintain a healthy church, parachurch organization, or ministry.

What is the biblical basis for church administration?

Throughout the New Testament, there are four main categories of church administration that are written of: the head pastor (Eph. 1.22), deacons (Rom. 16.1), elders (1 Tim. 5.17), and the congregation, which is often called the body of Christ.

What makes a good church administrator?

Among the most important duties Church administrators have, is to educate the leadership team of their Church about what you need from them and what they may need from you. By being clear about your responsibilities, you set up a successful partnership between you and the Church Board.

How may one define management?

Management is the coordination and administration of tasks to achieve a goal. Such administration activities include setting the organization’s strategy and coordinating the efforts of staff to accomplish these objectives through the application of available resources.

What are the duties of church leaders?

A church leader needs to be a Godly leader, a role model, and a guidance giver – not only for your church members but for everyone else in the community too. They mentor and encourage people, furthering their faith and ensuring that they have a positive church experience.

What are the three types of church government?

Though each church or denomination has its own characteristic structure, there are four general types of polity: episcopal, connexional, presbyterian, and congregational.

What is godly leadership?

“Leadership is the act of influencing/serving others out of Christ’s interests in their lives so they accomplish God’s purposes for and through them,” according to Bill Lawrence, president of Leader Formation International, at

What is church Organisation?

A church (or local church) is a religious organization or congregation that meets in a particular location. Many are formally organized, with constitutions and by-laws, maintain offices, are served by clergy or lay leaders, and, in nations where this is permissible, often seek non-profit corporate status.

Are pastors administrators?

“A pastor has a six-year term,” Zwilling said. “An administrator does not have a fixed term. Otherwise, an administrator does all that a pastor does.” Zwilling noted that there is nothing unusual about a parish leader being given the title of administrator rather than pastor for various reasons.1

What is the full meaning of administration?

1 : performance of executive duties : management worked in the administration of a hospital. 2 : the act or process of administering something the administration of justice the administration of medication. 3 : the execution of public affairs as distinguished from policy-making.

Why is administration needed?

Administrative skills are important because they keep business processes running smoothly. Any successful, efficient organization should have both administrative professionals who have strong skills in this area, as well as individual contributors who have good administrative skills.

What makes a strong church?

 Growing spiritually: Many worshippers are growing in their faith and feel the congregation meets their spiritual needs. Meaningful worship: Many worshippers experience God’s presence, joy, inspiration and awe in services and feel worship helps them with life.

What can hinder church growth?

Some of the resource shortages you might run into are: Lacking staff members to teach classes, handle daycare, and manage the church. Too many leadership positions will open that you are unprepared to fill. Lacking the funds to expand your church.

What is management with example?

The definition of management is the way something is handled, careful treatment, supervising skills, or those in charge of a business or group. An example of management is how a person handles their personal finances. An example of management is the show of concern when dealing with something fragile.

Why is management so important and what is its purpose?

It helps in Achieving Group Goals – It arranges the factors of production, assembles and organizes the resources, integrates the resources in effective manner to achieve goals. It directs group efforts towards achievement of pre-determined goals.