Polo Vivo For Sale in Namibia

Polo Vivo For Sale in Namibia

What is Polo Vivo ?

SA’s favourite compact city car has been upgraded. Loved for its sporty style, the new Polo Vivo simply bristles with technology and must-have features, designed for city slickers, moms, millennials, musos and more.

Polo Vivo For Sale in Namibia

18 Volkswagen Polo Vivo for sale ; N$ 95,000. 2015 Volkswagen Polo Vivo GP 1.4 Trendline 5DR. 141 313 km ; N$ 125,990. 2015 Volkswagen Polo …

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Polo and Polo Vivo?

The Polo Comfortline has standard features such as the 15 inch alloy wheels, colour coded side mirrors and door handles, Sporty Front bumper and LED Daytime running foglamps. The Vivo Comfortline has 14 inch wheels , Colour coded mirrors and door handles, Front fog lights and Fender side mounted indicators.

How much does a Polo Vivo cost?

Volkswagen Polo Vivo Variant Pricing

Volkswagen Polo Vivo VariantsNew Price FromFuel consumption (average)
2023 Hatch 1.0TSI GTR 341 8004.6 l/100km
2022 Hatch 1.4 ComfortlineR 273 9005.9 l/100km
2022 Hatch 1.4 TrendlineR 252 5005.7 l/100km
2022 Hatch 1.6 Comfortline AutoR 304 7006.1 l/100km

Where is Polo Vivo from?

Made in South Africa, the Polo and Polo Vivo currently account for the majority of Volkswagen South Africa’s local sales.

Which polo is most powerful?

The most powerful model in this series fulfils these attributes without any compromises. The Polo GTI has a top speed of 216km/h and races from nought to 100km/h in 8.2 seconds. It needs just 29.0 seconds to cover 1,000 metres.

How big is a Polo Vivo fuel tank?


FeaturesPolo Vivo Hatch 1.4 Trendline
Fuel Consumption Average5.00
Fuel Consumption: Urban7.00
Fuel Consumption: Highway4.00
Fuel Tank Capacity (incl Reserve)45

Is Polo Vivo a reliable car?

Reviewer’s opinion. “Looking like the pricier previous-generation Polo, the Vivo represents excellent value for money and is a fine investment. The 2018 Polo Vivo can’t be beat if you’re looking for Volkswagen reliability, looks, and a car that will hang on to its value.”

Which Polo Vivo is automatic?

VW SA’s Polo Vivo range sees the introduction of an automatic transmission, along with a more fuel-efficient derivative. The entry-level Vivo adds a six-speed Tiptronic gearbox to the mid-range 63kW 1.4 Trendline hatchback and sedan.

How long does a Polo vivo full tank last?

It sips a claimed 5.7 litres per 100km, which should be good enough for 790km per tank. The 1.6-litre Polo Vivo with automatic box consumes a claimed 6.1 litres per 100km, which should be good for 738km per tank.

Is a Polo Vivo fuel efficient?

Volkswagen claims 6.1l/100km average fuel economy, which is on the higher end in the product range, with the base Trendline delivering an average of 5l/100km.

How many gears does a Polo Vivo have?

Vehicle Details

DealershipLindsay Saker Welkom
Number of Gears5
Power Output77 kW
CO2 emissions147 g/km
Fuel Consumption Average (l/100km)6.2