Pre-seaman course: Basic Seamanship, General Ship Knowledge at Namfi

Pre-seaman course: Basic Seamanship, General Ship Knowledge at Namfi

What is Basic Seamanship, General Ship Knowledge?

The General Ship Knowledge (OOW Yachts) course provides an introduction to ship construction, stresses and corrosion, transverse stability, reverse buoyancy and damage control, meteorology and seamanship, watchkeeping, preparation for sea, and maintenance.


A proficient seaman creates a culture of awareness, safety, and confidence in the crew and the operation of a vessel at all times. Seamanship involves leading, teaching, managing, navigating, and maintaining all aspects of the operation and activity aboard the vessel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is good seamanship in maritime?

Good seamanship generally means skill in and knowledge of the work of navigating, maintaining, and operating a vessel. A good seamanship is the resultant behavior that can be expected from an average good masters or officer.

What is navigation and seamanship?

This is an introductory course for anybody who is currently boating or interested in the basics of navigating safely at sea. You will learn how to; Read and interpret charts, publications and terms. Learn how to read and interpret buoyage.

Who invented seamanship?

Pedro de Medina, whose Arte de Navegar was originally published in Spain in 1545, has been called “the founder of the literature of seamanship”. At the very least, his work was extremely popular and was soon translated into French, Italian, and English in 13 editions during the next century.

What is seamanship course?

Seamanship is the art, knowledge and competence of operating a ship, boat or other craft on water.

How many years is a seaman course?

It is a four-year residency course consisting of a three-year academic studies (1st, 2nd and 4th year) and one year shipboard training (3rd year) on board commercial vessels plying the international sea lanes as deck cadets.

What is the use of navigation?

Navigation is the art and science of determining the position of a ship, plane or other vehicle, and guiding it to a specific destination. Navigation requires a person to know the vehicle’s relative location, or position compared to other known locations. Navigators measure distance on the globe in degrees.

Is it hard to be a seaman?

With more stringent maritime regulations coming up each year, life as a seafarer has become increasingly hectic, laborious, and monotonous. Increase in paperwork, advanced training guidelines, new codes, and rigorous safety and environmental laws have made the lives of seafarers extremely hectic on board ships.

What are the 4 types of navigation?

The field of navigation includes four general categories: land navigation, marine navigation, aeronautic navigation, and space navigation.

What is an able seaman in the Navy?

In the British Royal Navy in the middle of the 18th century, the term able seaman (abbreviated AB) referred to a seaman with at least two years’ experience at sea. Seamen with less experience were referred to as landmen or ordinary seamen.

Where can I study seaman?

National Maritime Polytechnic falls under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Its main office is located in Cabalawan, Tacloban City, though it also has an office in Makati City, Metro Manila. Moreover, NMP provides free online courses that are open for all aspiring and experienced seafarers.

Is seafarer a good job?

Wages earned by seafarers are normally above similar professions ashore. According to the ICS, in developing countries, ships’ officers working on internationally trading ships are amongst the very highest paid in their countries. Opportunities for accumulating savings, even when young, are considerable.

What is seafarer job?

You can define a seafarer as literally being someone who is employed to serve aboard any type of marine vessel. This usually refers to active seafaring workers, but can be used to describe a person with a long history of serving within the profession.

Is seafarer hard job?

Working on ships is difficult but not impossible. Though there are several factors that lead to physical and psychological stress among seafarers, people working on ships must take the right attitude to break the monotony and improve interpersonal relationships on ships and work towards keeping their mind and body fit.

What is a ship navigator called?

Navigators are often part of a starship crew in science fiction, where they are sometimes called astrogators, a merger of the prefix “astro” and “navigator”.

What are navigation buttons?

Each button corresponds to the direction that you can move in a menu. For example, to move right in a menu, press the navigation button that is located on the right side. If you want to move down in a menu, press the navigation button that is located on the bottom.