Private Cars For Sale in Namibia

Private Cars For Sale in Namibia

What is a Private Car?

A car that is for personal use and owned privately, as opposed to a company car or official car etc.

Private Cars For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a car in Namibia?

A few requirements to buy a new car (with bank financing) is essentially that you must have bank account. You must have a valid Namibian Driver’s license. You need to have good credit (not on some sort of blacklist) and you need to be employed permanently (at least for the last six months).

What do you need to buy a car in Namibia?

Insurance & Assurance can minimise your risk

PayslipApplicable to everyone
Identity DocumentApplicable to everyone
Valid Driver’s LicenseApplicable to everyone
Six Months Bank StatementsIf not a Nedbank client
Marriage CertificateIf married

Are cars in Namibia left hand drive?

Like South Africa, traffic in Namibia drives on the left hand side of the road.

How many cars are in Windhoek?

2018 there were about 393,062 cars registered in Namibia (169,911 in the capital Windhoek). Namibia has a relatively high prevalence of road accidents, compared to its sparse population. In 2011, 491 people died in 2,846 crashes.

How much does it cost to register a car in Namibia?


3001 – 4000N$6,240
4001 – 5000N$6,900
5001 – 6000N$12,528
6001 – 7000N$15,540
7001 – 8000N$17,820

What is the speed limit in Namibia?

Speed Limits and Seatbelts

Namibians drive on the left. Speed limits correspond with what you’ll find in other countries, being generally around 60km/h (37mph approx) in built-up areas, 80km/h (50mph approx) on gravel roads and 120km/h (75mph approx) on major tarred roads – there are no motorways in Namibia.

What is the import duty for cars in Namibia?

Registration documents. Proof of value. One motor vehicle per family – owned and used at least 1 year prior to shipment may be imported Duty Free. VAT of 16.5% is payable on the value of the vehicle, Duties 25%.

What are the rules of the road in Namibia?

In Namibia, driving is on the left, i.e. right before left and the steering wheel is on the right side of the vehicle. The speed limit is 120 km/h on paved roads, 80 km/h on sand and gravel roads and 60 km/h in built-up areas. Seatbelts are compulsory at all times!

What is the fine for traffic in Namibia?

People cited for reckless or negligent driving will be fined N$4 000 for a first offence, but will have to appear in court if caught for the same offence a second or subsequent time. For inconsiderate driving, the fine will be N$2 000. For driving a vehicle that is not roadworthy, a fine of N$2 000 will be levied.

How do I become a traffic officer in Namibia?

The minimum requirements to become a Traffic Officer are:

Grade 12 or equivalent (No specific subjects needed) No criminal record · Code B driving Licence (manual transmission) Medical Certificate – that a person may do strenuous exercises. Applicants shall not be older than 35 years of age.

What is the maximum permissible width of a bus in Namibia?

It is against this background that the following should be obeyed. A driver may not operate a bus if the overall width of the bus exceeds 2.6 m or a goods vehicle, the gross vehicle mass of which is not less than 12 000 kg, if the overall width thereof exceeds 2.6m.