Property For Sale in Namibia Windhoek

Property For Sale in Namibia Windhoek

What is Windhoek known for?

Windhoek is the social, economic, political, and cultural centre of the country. Nearly every Namibian national enterprise, governmental body, educational and cultural institution is headquartered there. The city developed at the site of a permanent hot spring known to the local pastoral tribes.

Property For Sale in Namibia Windhoek

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about Windhoek?

Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, is a fascinating destination with a rich history, diverse culture, and unique attractions. From its German colonial architecture and vibrant markets to its breathtaking landscapes and wildlife, Windhoek offers visitors a memorable experience.

What does Windhoek mean in English?

The name Windhoek is derived from the Afrikaans meaning „windy corner“. The former spelling at the beginning of the German colonial time “Windhuk” is not in use anymore. The San (Bushmen) already populated the area around Windhoek thousands of years ago.

What is the most famous thing in Namibia?

What is Namibia famous for?

  • #1 Namib desert.
  • #2 The huge sand dunes of Sossusvlei.
  • #3 Etosha National Park.
  • #4 Small population and very sparsely populated.
  • #5 Himba tribes.
  • #6 San People.
  • #7 Only german colony in Africa.
  • #8 Fish River Canyon.

What is the main language in Windhoek?

English is the main lingua franca in the north and Afrikaans in the south. English and Afrikaans are both widely spoken in Windhoek.

What is the other name for Windhoek?

At the time, the place was called “/Ai-//Gams” (Fire Water) by the Namas, and “Otjomuise” (Place of Steam) by the Hereros, both names being references to the hot springs. Historians differ on how Windhoek got its name.

Why do tourists love to visit Namibia?

With unique scenic landscapes to admire and a history of dedicated conservation efforts, this young African country holds many attractions for the foreign, as well as domestic, traveller. A few of these include: The oldest desert in the world and a world heritage site – The Namib.

Are Namibians friendly?

So, if it’s too cold where you live or simply alone, come and visit Namibia. The Friendly will always welcome you with a hug or two.

Can you drink the water in Windhoek?

Although tap water is pretty much always drinkable in larger town and cities, such as Windhoek, it is often recycled and so can taste chlorinated. Most lodges and guest farms in rural areas use bore hole water which is clean and fine to drink.

Is Windhoek safe to visit?

Windhoek is not a safe place to travel. The index of crime is high. Most crimes are connected to the home robbery, things stolen, armed mugging, carjacking, and vandalism.

What should I be careful of in Namibia?

Don’t enter townships at night unless you are accompanied by someone with local knowledge. Safeguard your valuables and cash. Use a hotel safe if possible. Keep large amounts of money, expensive jewellery, cameras and cell phones out of sight.