Quantum For Sale in Namibia

Quantum For Sale in Namibia

What is a Quantum car?

The Toyota Quantum is a good car for business owners or companies that is looking for the versatility offered by the Quantum model range. It is available in panel van, crew cab and people carrier configurations which makes it easy for it to slot into almost any duties required by the owner.

Quantum For Sale in Namibia

Model Range ; Quantum 2.8 GL Bus 11s From N$ 804 300 ; Quantum 2.8 GL Bus 14s From N$ 822 500 ; Quantum 2.8 GL Bus 14s AT From N$ 841 900 ; Quantum 2.8 VX Bus 6s …

Frequently Asked Questions

What car is named Quantum?

SAAB Quantum was a series of five privately designed and built automobiles using various Saab components. The earliest used Saab 93 two-stroke engines, transmissions and suspension.

How much is a quantum?

Price List – TOYOTA QUANTUM Series

ModelPriceEmissions g/km
TOYOTA QUANTUM 2.8 LWB VX 9-S BUS DSLR1,179,000.00229

How many seater is a Toyota Quantum?

14 seats

Toyota Quantum 2.8 14-seater GL A/T

Power kW:115kW
Number of seats:14 seats
Standard features:Driver and passenger airbags, Vehicle-Stability Control

Where is Toyota Quantum made?

While the new generation Quantum will be imported, the old one will still be produced at Toyota South Africa Motors’ (TSAM’s) plant, in Durban. Sales of the Toyota Quantum increased by 6% last year compared with 2017, to around 16 500 units.

How much is the latest Toyota Quantum?


  • Quantum 2.8 LWB P/ Van 3s. From R511 000.
  • Quantum 2.8 LWB C/C 6s. From R520 400.
  • Quantum 2.8 SLWB P/Van 3s. From R549 300.
  • Quantum 2.8 LWB P/ Van W/AC. From R518 900.
  • Quantum 2.8 LWB CC 6s W/AC. From R528 300.
  • Quantum 2.8 SLWB P/Van W/AC. From R557 000.
  • Quantum 2.8 LWB CC 6s W/ FR RR AC.
  • Quantum 2.8 GL Bus 11s.

How to apply Toyota Quantum?

Make An Application

  1. South African ID Number.
  2. Your current address.
  3. Your cellphone number.
  4. Your Taxi Association.
  5. Your Next of Kin detail.

When was the first Toyota Quantum released?

Launched late in 2004 with the first models going on sale in South Africa in 2005, the current version of the Quantum has more model variants and trim levels than any other previous generation.

What is the fuel consumption of Toyota Quantum 2.5 d4d?

Featuring Front electric windows, power steering ,central locking ,Aircon ,Cd player, and very neat Grey cloth interior. (4 NEW TYRES FITTED ) (Spare key available) Fuel consumption 10.1 km/L or 9.9L /100km or on highway use. Tank capacity 70L and service interval’s 10000km. FINANCE AVAILABLE WITH ALL THE MAJOR BANKS.

What is the fuel consumption of quantum sesfikile?

Fuel consumption is claimed at 14.3 L/100km. The diesel option is a 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine with 75 kW and 260 Nm of torque which is mated with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Does Toyota Quantum have Turbo?

it’s actually engine that comes from a century which is a limousine something limousine is almost exclusively sold in japan. it does about 225 kilowatts from the factory 410 newton meters of torque but that torque is delivered at about 1500 rpm so it’s a really torquey engine we’ve put two twin scroll turbos t3 t4.