Refrigerated Trucks For Sale in Namibia

Refrigerated Trucks For Sale in Namibia

What is Refrigerated Truck?

A refrigerator truck or chiller lorry, is a van or truck designed to carry perishable freight at low temperatures. Most long-distance refrigerated transport by truck is done in articulated trucks pulling refrigerated hardside semi-trailers, although insulated curtainsiders are common in some countries.

Refrigerated Trucks For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of truck is refrigerated?

Refrigerated trucks, also known as reefer trailers, are an insulated freight shipment method for perishables and temperature sensitive products. Most reefer trailers are 53-foot-long attachments to semi-trucks and are powered by diesel engines.

How cold are refrigerated trucks?

The Range of Temperatures of Refrigerated Trucks

A refrigerated truck rental can maintain temperatures between 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 degrees below zero. Most trucks and vans can maintain a wide range of temperatures. Note that refrigerated trucks do not have to maintain the same temperature in all areas.

What is the capacity of a refrigerated truck?

Refrigerated Truck Container, Capacity: 10-20 ton.

Who is the largest refrigerated trucking company?

Prime Inc. – The largest refrigerated trucking company in the U.S., Missour-based Prime Inc. has facilities across North America. It is an ideal choice for reefer shipping that needs help with logistics and transportation solutions.

What is another name for a refrigerated truck?

Refrigerated truckload trailers — commonly referred to as reefers — are just as the name promises: insulated, full truckload trailers with a refrigeration unit in the front (nose).

What should I look for in a refrigerated truck?

What to Look for in a Refrigerated Truck

  • Temperature. The hallmark feature of a refrigerated truck is its cooling capacity.
  • Fuel efficiency. Refrigerated trucks guzzle a lot of gas.
  • Right Size. Body size is another aspect to look for in a refrigerated truck.
  • Condition.

What is the nickname for a refrigerated truck?

A refrigerator truck or chiller lorry (also called a reefer), is a van or truck designed to carry perishable freight at low temperatures.

How do refrigerated trucks get power?

How Reefer Trucks Work. Reefer trucks work by using a closed cooling system that is powered by a generator. This generator requires its own fuel so that it can run even if the truck engine is turned off. The system extracts hot air and provides cold air in return.

What are the benefits of refrigerated trucks?

Protection: The biggest benefit of refrigerated cargo transportation is the protection it provides for the perishable goods being shipped. These trailers are equipped with the capability to protect from deterioration, spoilage, and loss of value, no matter the weather conditions.

How many pallets fit in a refrigerated truck?

Dependent on the type of freight, shippers can typically fit between 24 and 30 pallets in a full 53′ van or reefer trailer.