Repossessed Cars For Sale in Namibia

Repossessed Cars For Sale in Namibia

What is Repossessed Car?

A car repossession happens when a loan on a car is delinquent. In other words, if you don’t pay your car payments on time (what the bank folks call “keeping your loan current”), the bank can take your car back.

Repossessed Cars For Sale in Namibia

Cheap used cars in Namibia ; N$ 25,000. 1989 Ford Laser. 222 000 km ; N$ 35,000. 2003 BMW 320d E46. 286 294 km ; N$ 40,000. 2007 Opel Corsa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a car in Namibia?

You must have a valid Namibian Driver’s license. You need to have good credit (not on some sort of blacklist) and you need to be employed permanently (at least for the last six months). Keep in mind, that entry level (new) vehicles range from at least N$130 000 to N$200 000.

What is the duty on cars in Namibia?

One motor vehicle per family – owned and used at least 1 year prior to shipment may be imported Duty Free. VAT of 16.5% is payable on the value of the vehicle, Duties 25%. Once imported, vehicle may not be sold or disposed of for a period of 2 years. Diplomats: no duties or taxes applicable.

How much does it cost to import a car to Namibia?

Used Cars Import Duties And Taxes In Namibia

Import TaxVATDuties
10%15% (NAD value + 10%)0-85%

Which bank is best for car loan in Namibia?

WesBank is the largest provider of vehicles in finance for the purchase of vehicles in Namibia.

Can I drive a car in Namibia?

As long as you have a driver’s license in your home country, you can drive in Namibia. Keep in mind, however, that in Namibia you will drive on the left side of the road. Any car you rent will most likely have the driver’s seat on the right side of the vehicle.

How to buy a car with the bank in namibia?

What documents do I need to apply for Bank Financing:

  1. Proof of income – copy of your latest salary advice (payslip).
  2. Valid identity document or valid passport.
  3. Valid driver’s license.
  4. Marriage certificate + ANC contract where applicable, if divorced, copy of final order of divorce.
  5. Proof of residence.

Can I import a car from Namibia to South Africa?

You can only import a second-hand vehicle into South Africa if you have been granted a permit to do so. The importation of used vehicles is restricted to protect the local motor vehicle manufacturing industry. Permits are only issued under specifically defined circumstances.

How to buy second hand car in South Africa?

The following documentation is required:

  1. Identification document;
  2. The seller’s vehicle registration certificate;
  3. A roadworthy certificate;
  4. Proof of purchase or Sales Agreement;
  5. A valid motor vehicle licence;
  6. The completed registration application form.