Reservation & Ticketing

Reservation & Ticketing

What is Reservation & Ticketing?

Reservation and ticket agents are employed by airlines, bus companies, railroads, and cruise lines to help customers in several ways. Reservation agents make and confirm travel arrangements for passengers by using computers and manuals to determine timetables, taxes, and other information.


The Ticketing Officer helps passengers to plan for their trips. He/She answers questions on travel arrangements such as routes and time schedules. He/She makes and confirms reservations. He/She calculates the expenses and sells tickets to the passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reservation in aviation?

An “airline reservation” is a legal contract whereby an airline undertakes, in exchange for a certain amount of money, to provide a seat to a specific passenger by plane on a specific flight from one specified airport to another.

What is the difference between flight reservation and flight booking?

Flight reservation means that you will follow the itinerary to travel to the country/countries. so it was just a PNR that is reflected in the airline system. The flight ticket is the next stage, in which the ticket is issued for the journey you have booked with the full amount.

What is online ticket reservation?

Basically, an online reservation system allows a potential customer to book and pay for a service directly through a website.

Is booking and ticketing the same?

Ticketing and booking are two separate processes. Booking just holds the seat on the plane. Ticketing means that the seat is paid for and the passenger has the right to take it during the flight.

Can I reserve my flight without paying?

Yes! You can reserve a flight without paying for it in advance. Book now pay later plan allows you to pay for your flight booking in easy monthly installments.

Can we book ticket before visa?

In many cases, embassies themselves do not recommend getting a flight ticket before getting your visa approval because of the high rates of visa denials to their country. There are also high chances that the visa is delayed.

What is ticketing executive in airport?

An Airline Ticketing Agent is an individual who is responsible for booking flight tickets and handle reservations for customers. Airline Ticketing Agents directly interact with customers, answer customer questions about flight timings, seat availability, fares, reservations etc.

Why do we need airline reservations?

Flight Reservation System plays an important role in airline companies to maximize sales of tickets, increased the number of valuable customers and also improving the brand image of the company. In this modern era of globalization, most travelers use flight as a means of transport.

What is reservation staff?

Also known as travel clerks or reservationists, reservation agents provide booking and reservation services to customers. These services may include reserving hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, or cruise cabins.

Are ticketing officer similar to reservation officer?

Ticket agents sell tickets in terminals or in separate offices. Like reservation agents, they also use computers and manuals containing scheduling, boarding, and rate information to plan routes and calculate ticket costs.

Is ticket agent a good job?

Working as an airline ticket agent is a very exciting and rewarding career with outstanding benefits. Wages vary widely depending on employer and location, with larger airlines usually offering the most competitive salaries.

Is flight ticket different from visa?

No. You do not have to buy a flight ticket before applying for a visa. Instead, you can present a flight itinerary that you can book without paying the full price of the travel ticket and once you get your visa you can buy the actual flight ticket. The reservation ticket is approved by all embassies.

How long can you hold a flight reservation?

How long can you place an airline ticket on hold? That will vary from airline to airline. For the most part, eligible airlines will allow for a hold between 3 and 7 days, while United will allow you to place a ticket on hold for as long as 14 days.

Can we book ticket without passport?

No, you can make a booking without your passport details. Your passport number may, however, be needed at the time of online check-in.

Can you book a flight without a passport?

No, you don’t. You can buy the ticket. You will need to include the passport details as soon as they are available, and apply for ESTA in good time if that is applicable.

What is visa passport?

A visa is a temporary authorisation for a passport holder to travel to a country other than the one he or she holds a passport of. The visa is usually stamped on a passport, but at times, it can be a separate document too. TYPES OF PASSPORT. The Indian government issues three types of passports to Indian citizens.