Rhodesian Ridgeback For Sale in Namibia

Rhodesian Ridgeback For Sale in Namibia

What is Rhodesian Ridgeback?

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a large dog breed bred in the Southern Africa region. Its forebears can be traced to the semi-domesticated ridged hunting and guardian dogs of the Khoikhoi. These were interbred with European dogs by the early colonists of the Cape Colony for assisting in the hunting of lions.

Rhodesian Ridgeback For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

There are many ways you can get a Rhodesian Ridgeback, like buying one from a breeder, a puppy farm, or adopting one from a shelter. If you choose to buy from a breeder, the price could be around $1800-$2500.

How long do African Ridgebacks live?

They can also be strong-willed, independent, and occasionally domineering dogs. This will depend on their environment, training, and level of socialization, though. Rhodesian ridgeback lifespan. A healthy Rhodesian ridgeback can live between 10 and 12 years old.

What two breeds make a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

1. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Is a Product of Several Breeds. This South African breed is the result of crosses among the native ridged Khoikhoi dog and dogs brought to Africa by European settlers (including Mastiffs, Bloodhounds, Great Danes, and Greyhounds).

What is the biggest Rhodesian Ridgeback?

Male Rhodesian Ridgebacks usually stand 26–29 in (66–74 cm) at the withers and weigh about 45 kg (99 lb) (FCI standard); females are typically 24–26 inches (61–66 cm) tall and about 38 kg (84 lb) in weight.

How long are Ridgebacks pregnant?

The gestation period of a Rhodesian Ridgeback is 60 days. Most dogs usually give birth within 60-70 days. What is remarkable about the pregnancy of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is how quickly the developed puppies begin to show in the tummy of the mother.

How do Ridgebacks hunt lions?

Since then, the name “African lion dog” has been used for Rhodesian ridgebacks. That’s why people often think that these dogs killed lions. This is not true – the Rhodesian Ridgeback is not able to kill a lion, not even in a clamp. Dogs always just drove the animal towards the hunter.

Are Ridgebacks stubborn?

Ridgebacks can be stubborn and independent, so obedience training throughout their entire life is critical. The Rhodesian Ridgeback was originally a hunting dog in Africa, and they have retained a high prey drive.

How intelligent is a ridgeback?

Ridgebacks are Intelligent.

They can become accomplished competitors in conformation, lure coursing, obedience, nose work, and even agility. Ridgebacks are intuitive emotionally and often understand the feelings of their owners. Ridgebacks are often thought to train their owners rather than the other way around.

Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks like the sun?

Ridgebacks were bred in a hot climate, so when it’s hot outside make sure that your dog has a spot in which they can bask in the sun – they love the heat.

What do Ridgebacks like to eat?

As such, meat, bone, offal and a small amount of plant ingredients are all important ingredients in the diet of a Rhodesian Ridgeback, each adding highly beneficial vitamins and minerals to meal times. A raw diet contains, on average, 70% moisture/ water, which helps to keep your Rhodesian Ridgeback properly hydrated.