Salt Suppliers in Namibia

Salt Suppliers in Namibia

What is Salt ?

In common usage, salt is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride. When used in food, especially at table in ground form in dispensers, it is more formally called table salt. In the form of a natural crystalline mineral, salt is also known as rock salt or halite. 

Salt Suppliers in Namibia

In 2023, the approximate wholesale price range for Namibia table salt is between US$ 0.7 and US$ 4.2 per kilogram or between US$ 0.32 and US$ 1.9 per pound(lb).

Frequently Asked Question

What is the largest salt company in Namibia?

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings (Pty) Ltd, through its various subsidiaries, is the largest producer of solar sea salt in sub-Saharan Africa.

Who produces salt in Namibia?

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings (WBSH) is producing the largest volumes of solar sea salt in sub-Saharan Africa.

What is the price of salt in Namibia?

Namibia Table Salt 2023 Retail Prices. The retail price range in Rand for table salt is between NAD 19.43 and NAD 116.57 per kilogram or between NAD 8.81 and NAD 52.87 per pound(lb) in Windhoek and Walvis Bay.

Where is salt produced in Namibia?

In addition to producing Salt for the chemical industry and other general-purpose industries, it also produces triple refined Table Salt for southern African countries. The Walvis Bay Salt Refiners site is located in the Kuiseb river delta at the southern end of the Walvis Bay lagoon.

Who sells the most salt?

Salt Production

#91 CountriesThousand Metric Tons
1#1 China63,603.93
2#2 United States42,655.00
3#3 India19,248.00
4#4 Chile12,280.31

Who is the biggest importer of salt?

the United States

In 2022, the United States was the leading importer of salt worldwide, with an import value of approximately 817 million U.S. dollars.

Which salt is cheaper?

Iodized salt

Iodized salt is significantly cheaper and contains iodine, which is vital for a healthy thyroid.

Which salt is so expensive?

To most of us, this may appear to be a luxury event, but this is how the most expensive salt in the world is priced, and you will undoubtedly be shocked by its constantly increasing demand. Bamboo salt often referred to as Purple salt, has been ingrained in Korean culture to the point where Koreans swear by it.

Who is the largest exporter of salt?

the Netherlands

In 2022, the Netherlands was the leading exporter of salt worldwide, with exports valued at approximately 435.8 million U.S. dollars. In that year, Germany exported 314.3 million U.S. dollars’ worth of salt worldwide.

Which country loves salt the most?

Salt Consumption by Country 2023

  • China: 17.70 🇨🇳
  • Hungary: 14.30 🇭🇺
  • Czech Republic: 13.00 🇨🇿
  • Slovenia: 13.00 🇸🇮
  • Romania: 12.90 🇷🇴
  • Serbia: 12.90 🇷🇸
  • Bulgaria: 12.90 🇧🇬
  • Croatia: 12.90 🇭🇷